Sprinklr Research Cloud

Research can be real-time.

Research is now real time.

Research doesn’t take place behind a two-sided mirror. It happens in real time.

With billions of customers sharing how they think, act, and feel, there’s an unprecedented opportunity for brands to know and serve customers like never before. But with immense opportunities comes commensurate room for error. What’s valuable and what’s just noise? How do you make sense of the cacophony?

Brands need a process for analyzing large volumes of data, sharing insights across the organization, and using them to drive meaningful customer experiences.


Explore the insights that matter with unlimited flexible, customizable dashboards.

What’s included in the Sprinklr Research Cloud?

Benchmarking Insights

Compare your brand’s performance against your competitors, industry, or a customized list from 30,000+ brands.


Location Insights

Instantly capture on-the-ground feedback to improve the in-store customer experience.


Visual Insights

Automatically flag mentions of your brand’s logo and products in photos from across the social web.


Product Insights

Know how your customers feel about your products and apply insights to improve overall customer experience.


Core Platform

Sprinklr’s Social Experience Core is the foundation of successful customer experience management.


Discover. Understand. Act.
Harness the insights of a real time focus group.

Don’t settle for an incomplete customer view. 

The Sprinklr Research Cloud is a complete enterprise solution for benchmarking, location intelligence, and photo analytics.

  • Hear audiences on social with total clarity; understand how they feel about your brand, products, and competitors.
  • Gain an instant, complete view into the topics, influencers, and tactics driving the market – and what it takes to stand out.
  • Turn the voice of the customer into meaningful action, addressing issues in the same place they’re discovered.
  • Improve products and sharpen messages by incorporating industry-specific topic and sentiment analysis.
  • Minimize brand risks by catching and addressing crises early on.

See how big data can make an even bigger difference in your marketing.