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How McDonald’s uses competitive insights to stay one step ahead

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The Challenge

McDonald's wanted to enhance its digital strategy by leveraging social media insights in order to maintain its competitive edge.

This involved gaining a comprehensive understanding of the brand's performance on individual accounts and in comparison to competitors. McDonald’s was already using Sprinklr to manage social media across 28,000 accounts. The brand was also leveraging Social Listening to monitor online mentions, gaining a bird’s-eye view of its digital footprint. In many ways, McDonald’s was already a leader in digital.

But in order to further evolve its digital strategy, it needed a solution that would provide:

  • Precise, accurate, and actionable data on their social and digital channel strategy.
  • The ability to create consistent experiences across multiple accounts and channels.
  • Better insight into industry trends, competitive intelligence, and audience expectations.

The Solution

Using Sprinklr’s Benchmarking module, McDonald’s was able to hone its digital strategy and create lasting digital experiences.

The Outcome

McDonald’s started using Sprinklr’s Benchmarking module to get comparative business insights. By layering Benchmarking on top of Listening, McDonald’s is now able to dive much deeper into social performance metrics, and can leverage that knowledge to drive creativity, growth, efficiency, and competitive advantage. 

McDonald’s now has data from roughly 300 social accounts which can be exported into easy-to-use custom reports. What’s more, McDonald’s global team and distributed market leads now have the data they need to power their global brand across social and digital channels. 

McDonald’s leverages Sprinklr’s Benchmarking to stay humble, learn, and improve. “I think the overall goal is to learn and grow and be the industry expert rather than to live in a silo and presume we are doing the best,” said Sneha Jain, McDonald’s Global Social Data Intelligence Manager. In addition to having Benchmarking dashboards for internal units and competitors, McDonald’s has one for best-in-class digital brands from all industries. This way, McDonald’s keeps a pulse on the whole digital realm, which not only breaks down silos, but gives McDonald’s a creative and innovative edge.

“We gather research on modern design in the industry to keep us inspired and sharp,” said Sneha. “By layering Benchmarking on top of Listening, we’ve developed a powerful brand health engine. It allows us to get to the heart of trends and shed light on insights that are otherwise hard to unpack.”