Pharmaceutical Industry Benchmarking Report for Digital Unified-CXM

Explore how the pharmaceutical industry is leveraging omnichannel Unified-CXM strategies to create personalized customer experiences.

The COVID-19 pandemic has put tremendous pressure on the pharmaceutical industry. Across the globe, companies are trying to find effective new treatments and deliver innovative customer experiences — while also creating personalized customer experiences that can strengthen a competitive advantage.

Sprinklr’s first benchmarking report for the industry compiles exclusive first and third-party data to bring you an in-depth analysis on:

  • CX performance metrics for industry leaders across the full breadth of the digital brand/customer relationship

  • How listening, responding, and publishing on modern channels have become critical strategies for fueling innovation, building share of voice, and growing a customer base

  • Why a unified omnichannel approach is the key to transformational CX

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