Social Listening

Your customers are talking. Can you hear them?

A Pressing Need to Listen In.

It’s simple – if a brand can’t hear what its customers are saying, then it can’t provide a high quality experience at every turn. In an era of unprecedented digital noise, businesses must use social listening to track relevant topics and influencers, inform social engagement, ensure customers feel heard, and spot crises before they arise.

Share, filter, drill down, customize, and construct unlimited reporting dashboards.

Bring insights closer to action.

With Sprinklr Social Listening, you can tap into the world’s largest focus group, including over 300 billion historical conversations. See the volume, context, and sentiment of online conversations – both historical and real time – and use that information to make strategic decisions that support business goals. Leverage flexible, unlimited reporting to focus on the topics and metrics that matter, and gain a holistic view of any topic, competitor, or market.

“People want to see companies humanized, which can be challenging for global brands, but the place to start is by listening and talking to customers at scale. Sprinklr has made enabling that strategy their bread and butter.”

Paul Matson, U.S. Director of Engagement & Customer Experience - McDonald’s

“ By fully leveraging Sprinklr’s measurement and listening framework to match our global needs, and finally incorporating our own booking and revenue data, we have filled in all the puzzle pieces. We can quickly learn what impacts different aspects of the customer experience and travel purchases on social.”

Alex Stein, Social Media & Brand Intelligence Manager - Starwood

“Our decision with assessing the final two came down to the platforms. Sprinklr has a clean look and feel while the other platforms still felt clunky.”

Casey Warnick, Social Media Director - Alamo

“We chose Sprinklr for its extensive reporting and management capabilities in order to gain insight into the social activity of our multiple brands and products.”

Katie Wah, Senior Social Media Manager - LogMeIn

“We chose to work with Sprinklr because their company vision mirrors our own, and we’re on the same page when it comes to making everything about the customer. With Sprinklr, it wasn’t technology focused—it was customer focused, and that’s the key to the whole thing.”

Keith Moor, CMO - Santander

Improve how you listen to – and treat – your customers.

  • Gain broad historical and deep real-time views into the global conversations, topics, and influencers driving your market – all in the same spot.
  • Know how you stack up against the competition – and what it takes to stand out.
  • Catch crises before they get big, engaging just the right teams for resolution.
  • Track full campaign impact and optimize your efforts in real time.
  • Extract meaningful insights that inform business decisions, including the development of new products.
  • Empower every team with the intelligence they need to provide great customer experiences at every touch point.

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