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Burger King turns up the sizzle on TikTok Spark ads

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The Challenge

As part of its social media strategy, Burger King France boosts its best performing organic content into ads on TikTok.

But a large volume of Burger King's Owned social posts made it difficult to track how posts were performing. This meant that decisions about boosting ads were manual and not data-driven — which led to suboptimal results. 

The Solution

The agencies that manage Burger King’s social media accounts implemented an Auto Boost rule on organic TikTok posts.

Recognizing the potential for increased efficiency, the agencies seamlessly integrated Sprinklr’s automation framework into their workflow. This approach eliminated the need for time-consuming manual analysis, allowing the agencies to focus on what truly matters: investing Burger King’s budget in boosting high-quality posts aligned with key performance indicators (KPIs). 

The Outcome

The result of leveraging Auto Boost from Sprinklr Marketing is a substantial enhancement in overall efficiency.

The agency has reduced the time it takes to boost posts by 67%. 

Previously, it took us five minutes to boost one post. Each time we had to create a new campaign, recreate the audience and retrieve the TikTok code,” explains an agency teammate. “Today, with Auto Boost, we accomplish the same task in less than a minute. This not only results in significant time savings but also empowers us to redirect our focus towards other critical tasks, which ultimately enhances our overall performance.”   

Within three months of launching Auto Boost, 80% of Burger King’s Tiktok Community Interaction posts were boosted through the rule. In 2023, 45% of Tiktok Community Interaction Posts were boosted.