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The Challenge

Philip Morris International (PMI) is a leading international tobacco company, actively delivering a smoke-free future and evolving its portfolio for the long term to include products outside of the tobacco and nicotine sector.

The company’s current product portfolio primarily consists of cigarettes and smoke-free products. As of December 31, 2023, PMI's smoke-free products were available for sale in 84 markets, and PMI estimates that approximately 20.8 million adults around the world had already switched to its innovative heated tobacco products (under the IQOS brand) and stopped smoking. Smoke-free products accounted for approximately 37% of PMI’s total full-year 2023 net revenues. 

Digital channels play an important role in allowing adult users to access accurate information about PMI’s smoke-free products. To effectively manage the thousands of assets of its smoke-free products brands, PMI’s Digital Marketing teams have relied on Sprinklr Social Self-Serve for social publishing, listening and management and on Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) for digital asset management. But these systems were not integrated. To publish an asset, a user had to download content from AEM, upload it to Sprinklr, and manually tag and manage information about the assets. PMI wanted to automate this process to improve the user experience, prevent the creation of duplicate files and better measure asset and campaign performance.  

“We wanted to integrate Sprinklr with AEM to establish a unified source of truth for asset taxonomy and tracking,” explains Ismail Makboul, Manager of Digital Marketing Performance at PMI. Since assets are used across marketing streams and channels, accurate asset management would ensure the PMI team utilizes the right assets in the right channels.  

The Solution

PMI implemented Sprinklr’s Adobe Experience Manager integration, directly connecting Sprinklr and AEM to ensure end-to-end asset tracking.

Sprinklr serves as the guardian of brand integrity and social governance. As an enterprise level solution at PMI, it integrates into every interaction, ensuring we can navigate the social landscape with ease.” 

GJ Teams Pic 2
Gurdip Jamal,
Solutions Manager, Social

“AEM provides a single, centralized location for storing and managing all our assets —not only for social, but for our CRM campaigns, websites, paid ads and more,” says Makboul. “Our goal was to connect Sprinklr to AEM, so we had a source of truth to replace the manually-tagged data we previously got from community managers. Now, the data is automatically retrieved through this integration.” 

Accurately measuring asset performance and usage 
PMI’s first goal with the integration was to ensure assets were properly tracked and managed. “Now we can make sure that users retrieve the assets they’re using through this integration instead of downloading them manually and reloading them in Sprinklr, creating duplicates and losing metadata in the process,” says Makboul. With the integration, PMI’s tagging system is automatically updated and includes metadata about the asset’s origin as well as details on its usage. 

Improved data accuracy allows the company to make more informed decisions about asset utilization and gain deeper insights into how various assets perform in different markets. “With this data, we can expand our reporting capabilities and continue to drive new efficiencies,” said Makboul.  

Maintaining compliance with built-in access controls 
A digital asset manager (DAM) is essential for effective usage rights and licensing terms. This integration, combined with robust access controls, ensures compliance. It streamlines asset management by automating updates and providing real-time access to metadata. Consequently, teams can efficiently manage assets, ensuring they are current and appropriately licensed. 

Simplifying the user experience to create and distribute content more effectively
By connecting Sprinklr and AEM, PMI’s teams can access approved social assets in real time, dramatically reducing the time it takes to create and share social content. “If a user has to go into AEM, log in, find an asset, download it, re-upload it into Sprinklr, manually re-tag it, and then post, it may take them 10 minutes per asset,” says Makboul. “Doing it all in Sprinklr with just a couple of clicks saves so much time.” 

The Outcome

The integration between Sprinklr and AEM has transformed PMI’s publishing process, greatly improving data accuracy and compliance while allowing teams to focus on higher impact work.

This seamless connection enables PMI’s teams across 65+ markets to access and publish assets from a single, centralized location, streamlining workflows and improving efficiencies. With more than 200 users accessing thousands of assets across dozens of channels around the world, PMI can now track, review and measure usage in real time, driving continuous performance improvements. This integration allows us to see how each market responds to our content, providing critical insights” said Makboul. “It helps us protect our brand and refine our content strategy, ensuring we deliver impactful and relevant messages to our legal age nicotine users.”