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Technology company uses voice of customer insights to improve CX — and its products

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The Challenge

An American technology company works with a network of distributors and retailers all around the world and is known for its commitment to providing an above-and-beyond customer experience.

The company has developed a reputation for its willingness to invest in solutions that deepen its relationship with customers and unify their experience with its brand. In the past few years, the company has rallied its product, social, marketing, and customer service teams around social — and prioritized finding a digital solution that enables easy communication and data- and asset-sharing across teams and regions, as well as insights that inform the business.

The company looked for a digital solution that would allow it to:

  • Consolidate and streamline social publishing, engagement, and reporting for social teams around the globe — across Facebook, X, formerly Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.
  • Enable global and regional teams to manage paid social advertising from a common platform with a standardized process that includes A/B testing and integrates with Google Analytics.
  • Listen to social conversations and track competitors and products to glean insights that drive product and marketing decisions.
  • Collaborate with the customer care team on how to respond to technical inquiries

The Solution

The technology company implemented Sprinklr’s unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform and uses products from all four product suites. Today, cross-functional teams around the world are collaborating on a common platform to create a phenomenal, end-to-end experience for customers.

Managing social around the globe — for multiple audiences in 10+ languages
The company's social media supervisor oversees teams in more than a dozen countries. They post in more than 10 languages across Facebook, X, formerly Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube — all while engaging with four very different types of audiences. The supervisor says Sprinklr Social allows the company to run a top-notch social program with a lean squad, as they appeal to and engage with a B2B audience, tech enthusiasts, content creators, and gamers.

Social teams around the world now work from a common platform to draft, schedule, and publish content. Corporate and regional teams upload assets to the content library, where they are shared and re-used. The corporate team also maintains a library of GIFs that have been pre-approved for use, which regional teams can grab and post.

Across regions, the teams also use the platform for community management of inbound messages. They monitor inbound posts for engagement purposes and can pass those that need additional attention to the customer service team.

The social media supervisor says the company works with a number of eSports teams as well as influencers, who are pulled into the engagement dashboard from X lists and hashtags.

“We're starting to build that out and get really solid in it in the U.S. and EMEA, so we can pass on that formula to our other regional offices,” she explains.

Streamlining the content creation and publishing process has been one of the biggest benefits of Sprinklr Social.

“Being able to track branded content in multiple languages from development through deployment across digital channels – and enable cross-team collaboration and visibility every step of the way – has been a game-changer,” she says. She is able to monitor brand health and safety globally while enabling each region to localize their content.

Insights that guide social strategy and product roadmap
The company also uses products from Sprinklr Insights to gain insights from online conversations that inform both social strategy and product roadmaps. The social team has used Competitive Insights & Benchmarking to analyze and measure against the performance of competitors’ social posts and audience engagement. This has helped guide and confirm their own content and engagement strategy. They also use Social Listening to listen to the real-time voice of customers discussing company products. Tuning in to voices across social channels, they are able to ensure customers are satisfied with their products and can share with stakeholders any actionable insights from those conversations.

The company’s customer service team drills down further for even deeper insights, leveraging Product Insights for nearly 300 of the company’s products. This solution enables them to capture data across social channels and customer reviews to understand sentiment about specific products and surface consumer insights and suggestions.

Managing boosting and dark paid ads across top social advertising platforms
For social advertising, the company uses Sprinklr Marketing to manage boosting and dark paid ad campaigns. Corporate and regional teams work independently to run social ad campaigns that resonate with target audiences on each social channel. The teams leverage the Sprinklr Rule Engine to automate otherwise manual tasks:

  • Auto-boost rules find and boost the best performing social posts
  • Paid Pre-Publishing rules automatically allow teams to populate certain values, tags, and benchmarks for campaigns before they are published, enabling the team to group and manage their campaigns more efficiently.
  • Paid Rules allow the team to automatically tag outbound posts used in ads or campaigns

The company also uses Sprinklr’s pacing capability, which provides real-time data on pacing throughout the life of an ad campaign. Campaigns are automatically paused when they’ve reached their end date or budget limit, which ensures they never go over budget.

The social media supervisor says the platform’s A/B testing capabilities, as well as a Google Analytics integration, gives her team team critical insight into campaign performance.

The Outcome

In 2022, the company onboarded its social and paid social teams around the globe to the Sprinklr platform.

Using Sprinklr Social, they managed more than 80 social accounts — publishing over 5,000 posts, sponsoring another 4,000, and responding to nearly 30,000 messages. More than 250 reports were automatically generated, enabling teams to easily share performance data with their stakeholders and saving them an estimated 166 workdays.

The company also saved time and money with Product Insights. Automated analysis of more than 375,000 product reviews and 379,000 customer reviews saved the team an estimated $237,00 in 2022 — or the equivalent of some 2,400 workdays.

Finally, Sprinklr Marketing helped the company’s paid social team to create and publish 6,500 ads in 2022, saving an estimated 407 workdays and more than $80,000. This is thanks to pacing, which was used for more than 3,000 social ad campaigns, and to Paid Rules, which modified more than 6,000 ads.