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Telefônica Vivo Brasil scales customer service on social channels with Sprinklr AI

Telefônica Brasil S.A.
Company Size
30,000 employees
São Paulo, Brazil
reduction in response time
of all responses employed Smart Responses
increase in spontaneous positive feedback

The Challenge

Telefônica Vivo Brasil is the largest telecommunications company in Brazil, focused on bringing quality connection and digital inclusion to people and companies across the country.

Sprinklr Service has transformed the way we provide customer service on social channels. We’ve found that perfect blend of AI and human interactions, and our customers are happier.”

Jose Reginaldo Carneiro Ribeiro Neto
José Reginaldo,
Sr. Manager of Customer Experience
, Telefônica Vivo Brasil

Known locally as Vivo, the company offers voice services, mobile data, broadband, pay TV, information technology and digital services to millions of customers. Vivo’s leadership team believes that connectivity is the gateway to the digital world and that it can generate opportunity for everyone. To do so at scale, however, requires unmatched operational efficiency.

“Vivo is an innovative and restless company,” says José Reginaldo, senior manager of customer experience at Vivo. “We are always looking for opportunities to use new technologies in a way that is disruptive and aligns with our vision to be more digital and to get people connected to the things that matter to them.”

That curiosity recently led the team to explore adding the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to its customer service strategy. They searched for a digital solution that would use AI to help respond to and resolve cases quickly and efficiently while remaining human and on-brand.

“We receive around a million inbound messages per year on social channels,” explains José Reginaldo. “So the more AI can do for us to automate things, the more we can focus on more complex tasks that require human interaction.” Bonus points if the solution also helps generate new business opportunities.

The Solution

Vivo checked off all the boxes when it implemented Sprinklr Service, increasing its capacity for handling inbound messages on social channels without increasing the number of agents on its customer service team.

Here’s how they did it:

  • Automated Routing:  Vivo uses this AI-powered capability to automatically classify messages as engageable or non-engageable, then route to agents only those that need attention. This means agents never waste time on messages that don’t need a response and can focus on the conversations that matter.
  • AI Agent Assist: Vivo uses Smart Responses, which not only helps agents respond more quickly by suggesting responses to commonly asked questions, but also ensures responses are aligned with both Vivo’s brand voice and its code of conduct. This helps to provide consistent brand experience from agent to agent and reduces the need for agents to memorize best practices or write responses from scratch.
  • CSAT Prediction: Vivo analyzes the sentiment of inbound messages based on keywords and expressions. If the predictive CSAT score is low at the start, it prioritizes these cases in order to boost the customer’s experience and make them happier.
  • Crisis detection and reputation management: Vivo monitors social conversations for any content that goes against its core belief in diversity and equality or that is otherwise offensive or concerning and needs attention. With a predefined keyword list, Vivo uses Sprinklr AI to alert on these sensitive topics and respond appropriately. 
  • Identifying purchase intent: Vivo uses AI to identify a prospect’s willingness to buy a product or service, then routes these cases to a customer service team that specializes in sales to convert them into paying customers.

The Outcome

Vivo has had great success with its new AI-driven social care strategy. Agents have reduced their average response time by 65% and are using Smart Responses in 70% of all replies.

They are no longer wasting time on un-engageable messages, as 23% of all cases in 2021 were automatically closed for them, and they’ve increased the speed at which they resolve cases by nearly 10 percentage points. All in all, this has led to a 137% increase in spontaneous positive feedback.

“Sprinklr Service has transformed the way we provide customer service on social channels,” says José Reginaldo. “We’ve found that perfect blend of AI and human interactions, and our customers are happier.”