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How YG Entertainment harnesses global fandom with greater social media visibility

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343+ employees, 19 subsidiaries in 4 regions (South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, and USA)
Seoul, South Korea (HQ)
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mentions per month in 4 languages on a single platform
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The Challenge

YG Entertainment sought a technology solution to help it quantify the global impact of viral news, identify new markets for expansion, and enhance connections with fans worldwide.

You may have heard of the serial successes of BIGBANG, 2NE1, WINNER, iKON, AKMU, BLACKPINK, and TREASURE. These bands are formed by YG Entertainment Inc (YG Entertainment), established 25 years ago by creative producer Yang Hyun-Suk.

In 1996, YG Entertainment was founded to attract and create a pool of local talented music producers and dancers and provide them with training before releasing them into the eyes of millions of viewers around the world in the form of an “idol group.” Today, YG Entertainment is valued at 1.16 trillion Korean won.

To keep up with the times and ensure that it continues to speak to the millions of fans around the world, YG Entertainment needed a solution to:

  • Quantify impact of viral news on a global scale
  • Help identify new markets to expand its business
  • Better connect with individual fans from around the world

The Solution

YG implemented Sprinklr Insights in order to gain a holistic understanding of online conversations around the world.

YG Entertainment team knew that in order to understand its fans and their interests, it had to have visibility on the conversations taking place across social and digital channels. In May 2020, the company decided to implement Sprinklr Insights, part of Sprinklr’s industry-leading unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform, to get a unified view of the online conversations from around the world. It now monitors 30+ digital and social channels on a single platform across its seven idol groups and counting.

Listening in to fan conversations in real time

With more than 97 million YouTube subscribers alone, the South Korean entertainment giant had big plans to redesign its business, so it could better monetize through merchandise. “In order to successfully redesign the way we run the business, we first need to understand our fans and their interests better,” says Ethan Sunguk Song, Head of Platform Group at YG Entertainment.

Even though the company is not new to social listening, the team wanted to improve the way they tracked fan conversations to create more accurate data. Beyond the conversations that take place, YG Entertainment also wanted to better understand fan sentiments.

With the ability to gather insights from around the world on a single dashboard, YG Entertainment can diversify its blueprint in the global marketplace as it identifies new, emerging markets such as Brazil, for example.

Getting alerts for early warning signs with AI

As a former marketing manager at a credit card company, Song understands the importance of customer and fan loyalty. He recognizes Sprinklr Smart Alerts as an indispensable function to alleviate business risks.

YG Entertainment began benefitting from the Smart Alerts implementation almost immediately. For example, when fans in the UK complained on social media about customer support from local resellers of licensed YG Entertainment products, Smart Alerts picked up the negative sentiments quickly, alerting the headquarters in Korea. “We immediately picked up on the conversation via social media and launched a probe into the local supply chains and other resellers to ensure that the merchandise was in good condition. We were also able to respond quickly to customers who were affected,” Song explains.

The Outcome

YG Entertainment now monitors fan conversations to power its data-backed business model.

“From identifying emerging markets like Brazil to avoiding a potential crisis in the UK, Sprinklr has benefited our company in many ways, and the journey is only beginning. Without Sprinklr, it would have been a challenge for us to develop our global customer development strategies, and we hope to continue exploring the other features of Sprinklr’s Unified-CXM platform as we grow the business.”

Ethan Sunguk Song
Ethan Sunguk Song,
Head of Platform Group
, YG Entertainment

As the brand grows its offerings, Song says the team will consider Sprinklr Service as their next step, as they become more proactive in their approach to customer engagement.

"Fans are what makes or breaks this industry. Treating fans like VIPs will ensure they always have the best experience with us, and eventually, we can build a relationship with them on a more personal level.”

The big question for this South Korean entertainment giant has and always will be: How can they sustain YG artist fans’ fantasy 24/7 and ensure they are not distracted by other attractive competitors? More importantly, how can they keep offering fans unique, personalized, and meaningful customer experiences that make them happier. “As the company matures, we foresee exploring Sprinklr’s other solutions to grow and stabilize the entire business, from end-to-end,” shares Song.