Product Strategy

Learn what product strategy is and how a well-crafted strategy can help you to serve your customers better and grow your business.

Naveen Mahadevan
November 4, 2021
3 min read

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What is product strategy?

A product strategy is a plan that describes your company's goals for your product and the plans for its future and development. A well-defined product strategy communicates your product vision, business strategy, benefits, and objectives across different teams, ensuring all stakeholders are on the same page.

A product strategy explains the problems your product will solve, how it will solve them, and the product’s overall value to the business, market, and customers.

What are the benefits of a product strategy?

Here is how developing a product strategy can benefit your brand:

  • Provide clarity on your product and business goals across the company

  • Help stakeholders understand what problems the product aims to solve and how it plans to solve them

  • Provide a basis to define the product roadmap and set task deadlines

  • Enable consistent communication of key metrics across teams

  • Assist in identifying potential risks at different stages of the product cycle, so you can address them before your product is available in the market

  • Helps you position your product effectively in the market

Learn more: How to Build a Customer-Centric Product Strategy Using Real-Time Product Insights

What are the key elements of a product strategy?

A good product strategy contains critical elements such as:

1. Product design

Product design communicates what your product is, and how it will impact customer experience. Good product design attracts potential customers and helps your product differentiate itself from your competitors.

2. Product vision

Product vision allows stakeholders to understand the objectives of your product and how it will help your company add value. It enables everyone in the company to stay on the same page by working toward a common objective. Product vision is also the first step in identifying strategic goals and building your product roadmap.

3. Product roadmap

A product roadmap helps you establish a timeline to build your product and its features. It helps track progress and ensure that development is keeping up with key objectives and business goals.

4. Product features

Product features are the primary offerings of your product that add value to customers based on their needs. Describing product features helps you identify and introduce unique selling points (USPs) to distinguish your product from your competitors.

5. Product goals

Product goals — both long-term and short-term — include high-level strategic plans for marketing, sales, customer service, etc. These goals help set deadlines for tasks and keep track of your product roadmap at different intervals.

Get the Product Insights Playbook

Sprinklr Product Insights will change how you develop your product strategy.

A customer-centric approach to product strategy positions your product to solve market-specific problems, implement an accurate marketing strategy, and provide a better customer experience.

Sprinklr's Product Insights enables you to improve the customer experience by providing data-driven insights from millions of customer data points across modern channels.

By utilizing Product Insights to create a product strategy, your company can:

  1. Make strategic decisions based on AI-powered insights from millions of customer data points across 30+ digital channels.

  2. Identify hidden opportunities, develop your product to solve existing problems, and capitalize on changing customer preferences.

  3. Position your product through product-specific competitive intelligence and establish realistic long-term and short-term goals.

  4. Align product and market vision based on product insights from more than 60 different verticals across 79 languages.

  5. Create a brand voice and adopt a tone based on the market's current needs, and protect this brand voice through real-time actionable data.

Sprinklr's Product Insights helps your company create and implement a data-driven, customer-centric product strategy that helps solve current issues in the market.

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