An average customer uses 7 different social platforms a month. Does your customer care solution cover all of them?

Get unmatched channel coverage with Modern Care Lite. Capture support requests from all social and review platforms — Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Yelp, Google Play Store — and add new platforms with just one click.

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Out-of-the-box social customer service with unbeatable reach

Reduce your response time to under 5 minutes

Bring all social channels to your agents’ desktop so they can respond quickly from one place, without missing any cross-channel context. Save your agents from juggling between tools and windows in their workspace.

Manage your brand reputation and health

 Identify critical and engageable posts and reviews, score their sentiment, prioritize conversations that need immediate attention, and transfer volatile cases to private channels seamlessly.

Close the loop on customer feedback efficiently

Monitor customer feedback on marketplaces and review sites, and add internal workflows to handle them. Capture in-moment needs of your customers and cater to them proactively so they keep returning to your business.

Unleash the power of AI-led social customer service

Serve customers on all popular social platforms, respond to critical reviews in real time, and capture cross-channel context — all from one platform.

Adapt your social customer service to your customers’ real-time needs

Adapt your social customer service to your customers’ real-time needs

Uncover sentiment insights and CSAT of your customers by listening to their Twitter conversations — even on dark posts — and create relevant, timely responses for each customer.

Manage your brand reputation on review sites and win customer trust

Leverage social listening and AI-led early warning systems on Yelp and Google Play Store to notify agents about potentially critical issues that can be averted by timely intervention.

Mitigate risks before issues snowball by using  early warning alerts

Unify disjointed channels and enable hassle-free channel-switching

Collate all your messages, comments, and mentions in a unified inbox and respond to them from one window with full context, along with case notes and customer profiling.

Ensure your agents don’t waste time switching between screens

Connect Modern Care Lite with solutions you already use

Get a 360-degree view of your customers by integrating Sprinklr with popular sales, marketing, and automation tools.

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Sprinklr powers some of the world’s most customer-obsessed companies

Honda leveraged Sprinklr to deliver unified customer care in a new era of online car sales

“Our goal is to connect authentically with this new generation of car buyers. Having a single workflow across channels — from phone to social media to live chat, chatbot, and voice — enables a true omnichannel contact center.”

Yoshiaki Inoue
Chief of Honda ON

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Prada sells, serves, and retains customers with Sprinklr-led digital innovation

“We believe the future of our luxury brands will be defined by the experiences we create for our customers. Sprinklr unifies our multiple brands across in-person and digital channels to serve customers when and where they prefer.”

Lorenzo Bertelli
Marketing Director
Prada Group

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AkzoNobel UK reduces response times by 80% using Sprinklr’s intuitive care platform

“The quality of our replies has improved. Our agents have more time to find answers and share knowledge via Sprinklr. With shared information, conveniently stored in one platform, the agents can respond more quickly.”

Lisa Boyles
Social Media Manager
AkzoNobel UK

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Leverage our industry-leading channel coverage


Add all your Facebook pages to Sprinklr and automatically convert engageable wall posts, reviews, comments, and private messages into tickets for your agents.


Integrate Twitter and track all your Tweets and @mentions from within Sprinklr. Convert Tweets to tickets and assign them to the right agents for timely resolutions.


Cater to the modern-day marketplace, Instagram, by responding to Instagram DMs, comments, and tags and converting them into tickets effortlessly.


Address comments and messages on your company’s page — as well as tags on other pages — and convert engageable mentions into tickets.


Add your YouTube account to Modern Care Lite to identify, reply, and engage with customer queries that your brand’s YouTube page receives.

Google Play Store

Closely monitor and assess customer reviews on your product for performance improvements, and respond with quick updates to build customer trust.

Google My Business

Interact with customers through their reviews and questions on your Google business page and address their problems upfront from the care console.


Integrate your Yelp account with Sprinklr to bring full-text reviews in real-time, and enable your team to engage with them and provide resolutions.


Integrate your Trustpilot account with Sprinklr and convert customer reviews into tickets in real-time, categorize them by keyword, and set up efficient monitoring.

Champion social customer service with Modern Care Lite now


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