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Employee Advocacy increases your brand reach by 561%.

Brands with active employee advocacy programmes drive more increases in year-on-year revenue. Sprinklr Advocacy makes it easy to leverage your employees’ social influence to help messages go further, generate more impact and supercharge your sales pipeline – all while keeping you fully in control.

Feature - Advocacy - Employee advocacy increases your brand reach by 561%
Sprinklr is trusted by the world's biggest brands
Wells Fargo
Increase your reach and pipeline

90% of consumers trust products recommended by people they know. Advocacy uses employees’ social connections to expand your reach and create new avenues for engagement.

Control content costs

Create a library of pre-approved content for employees so they can share positive brand messages on their own channels – at no added cost to you.

Reduce exposure to risk

Sprinklr’s Governance features and approval processes ensure that employees access and share only the content you approve – so you can keep brand messages consistent and strong.

Why do customers referred by advocates have a 37% higher retention rate?

Employee advocacy updates ‘word of mouth’ marketing for the digital world by turning employees – the people who know your products and services best – into your brand’s most effective ambassadors on social media.

Employee Advocacy software represents an easy, cost-effective and sustainable way to expand the reach of your brand messaging via organic social connections – and creates valuable new avenues for social sales and recruitment efforts.

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Discover why 65% of firms report increased brand recognition after implementing an employee advocacy programme.

Connect with Sprinklr Advocacy to discuss your goals and explore how your enterprise can:

Make your employees your strongest brand advocates on social media

Reduce marketing and recruitment costs
Identify opportunities to enhance your reputation and establish or solidify your thought leadership

Employee-shared content drives eights times more engagement than brand channel content. Take advantage – and stay in control

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Sprinklr’s planning tools, content calendars, central asset repository and approval workflows help employees access and share approved brand content.

50% of employees who use social media already post about their companies. Transform yours into advocates.

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Leads developed through employee social advocacy convert seven times more frequently. Create new sales pipeline opportunities by enabling employees to share brand-approved content on their own social channels.

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How the world’s largest retailer of diamond jewellery boosted engagement by 120%.

Harnessing employee influence

Since launching the Get Engaged employee advocacy programme, Signet Jewellers and its brands (including Kay and Jared) have seen participation skyrocket to more than 1,800 brand ambassadors.

Increasing brand power

Signet Jewellers leveraged the reach and passion of its people to pivot during the pandemic – powering a 120% increase in audience size by finding new ways to engage remotely with customers.

Improving the sales pipeline

Sprinklr helped Signet Jewellers expand beyond local markets by using employees’ social connections to reach prospects throughout the US – driving more sales and creating new relationships with customers.

Turning employees into your best brand advocates: Three steps to amplify your reach by empowering your staff

  • Maximise the connectivity of your brand messaging

  • Motivate your most vocal advocates

  • Boost engagement with incentives and gamification

  • Measure the success of your advocacy programme

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