what’s new in 16.5

Your customers are about to get even happier. Sprinklr 16.5 is better than ever.

In July 2021, you’ll find new features and updates to Sprinklr  — all part of our exciting 16.5 release. Read about each new feature and its value-driving capabilities, then visit Sprinklr University to learn how you can put them to work and make your customers even happier.

Release - Your customers are about to get even happier. Sprinklr 16.5 is better than ever.

Sprinklr Insights

Listen, learn, and act in real-time with competitive insights on benchmarking, product, visual, and location data.

Expand your research pool to include our three newest sources: podcasts, IGTV, and classifieds. Edison Research reports in 2021 that there are 37% more podcast listeners this year alone, doubling audience sizes from 2016. Now you can tap into consumer mentions and conversations from more channels than ever before by using the Topic Query Builder in Listening Insights.

data sources

Sprinklr Service

Increase customer satisfaction and retention, reduce support costs by cutting resolution time in half, and reach audiences across all of your digital channels.

With new-and-improved conversational AI capabilities, you can bring more human-sounding chatbots into customer conversations. It’s now easier than ever to discover intent, create dialog flows, cluster failed interactions, and train bots with a new interface that allows you to deploy bots across multiple channels and in many languages — all with drag-and-drop functionality.

conversational ai

Sprinklr Marketing

Personalize your content and advertising — no spreadsheets required.

Start planning your ad campaigns, streamlining approvals, and automating collaboration — from intake to execution. Paid Briefs enhance and automate your paid campaign process to accelerate your time to market.


More Sprinklr Marketing

Deliver the right message to the right audiences and get the biggest return on ad spend.

Sprinklr Social

Manage social media across the 30+ channels your customers use most — be social at scale.

An all-new Third Pane brings Enhanced Profile, Inbound Message, and Outbound Message capabilities to your dashboard. From here, you can check messages, profiles, content, sender, properties, cases, and history — while also sending notes, assigning tasks, and viewing team activities.


Unified-CXM Platform

Enhance your customer experience, be more efficient, and reduce brand risk with the world’s only AI-powered, unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform.

Now you can integrate your SAP C4C data into Sprinklr to reduce agent costs and capitalize on new revenue. This new capability connects customer data from C4C to modern digital channel activity bi-directionally, building a more comprehensive system of record that reflects a complete picture of your customer’s experience — and giving you the data you need to enhance and unify that experience.

sap c4c

Learn how to enhance customer experiences
like never before with these new features.

Check out Sprinklr CXM University to learn how these features work — and how you can use them to accelerate growth, drive revenue, automate processes, and protect your brand.

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