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Rising to the occasion: global bakery saves 800 workdays in a year with Sprinklr

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The Challenge

In more than 30 countries across the globe, a global bakery is on a mission. Its goal? To enhance productivity, control costs, and embrace digital solutions across every facet of its business — from social marketing to customer engagement.

“We have always had great tools for social media, social listening, and social care, but our tools were not connected,” explains the company’s global director of marketing. “With so many brands, geographies, and business units, we needed to figure out a way to get really efficient with our time and our resources.”

The marketing director wanted to break down silos, reduce point solutions, and get the company’s teams onto one unified platform. Her goal was to create a center of excellence that would serve as a model for how the company's brands should engage with customers on social channels and report out on social performance.

The Solution

The company implemented Sprinklr’s unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform. With dozens of brands and thousands of products — and with marketing teams in more than 25 countries — the marketing director is steadily onboarding teams to the Sprinklr solution.

Streamlining global social calendar and campaigns 
When the company first implemented Sprinklr, the marketing director wanted to better manage the company’s social media presence across multiple markets, brands and business units. Each region and brand had its own social media accounts, and there was no single source of truth for content planning or an easy way to track campaign performance. Sprinklr Social now allows the teams to centralize their social media management, giving the marketing director a unified view of their accounts and interactions with customers. It has also enabled teams to scale their social operations without increasing headcount or budget.

Engaging customers across social channels and streamlining Salesforce ticketing 
Using Sprinklr Service, the company’s social care teams — both in-house and agency-managed — have been able to scale their efforts as well. The platform provides a centralized hub for inbound customer messages, enabling social care team members to respond to inquiries quickly and effectively across social channels, including TikTok, and within the comments that appear under social ads. A Salesforce integration allows them to create tickets for cases that need personal attention from a customer service agent. Finally, Sprinklr Service provides real-time insights and analytics, allowing teams to track performance and adjust their strategies as needed.

Using insights from online conversations to guide marketing decisions 
The company now relies on Sprinklr Insights to track online conversations surrounding their brands and gauge their competitive standing. Through Social Listening, teams monitor brand mentions, dissect discussion themes and gauge public sentiment. Benchmarking allows for a direct comparison of brand engagement with competitors, revealing their share of voice in specific categories and products. Sprinklr's AI processes data from both Listening and Benchmarking, yielding actionable insights that inform advertising budget allocation and campaign strategies.

The Outcome

For the marketing director, one of the biggest wins with the Sprinklr platform is automated reporting on her teams’ social performance — for engagement on social posts and in DMs, Social Ads, and Social Care, as well as Listening and Benchmarking insights.

Keeping track of this data for numerous teams across dozens of brands and countries is no easy task. Previously, the company grappled with disparate reports and spreadsheets from various teams, including agencies using different tools. Now, all data resides in one location, following a consistent format and measuring identical metrics, regardless of region or brand source.  

The company's customer service teams, using Sprinklr Service, have already saved an estimated 800 days of work with automation features such as tagging and macros. Sprinklr Intuition has categorized 43 million inbound messages. 

As the marketing director continues to onboard more regions and teams to the platform, a unified, single source of truth is coming into clearer focus. She has successfully onboarded more than 10 business units spanning 20 brands and a dozen countries.  

“One of the strengths of our partnership with Sprinklr is their ability to be highly responsive to our requests,” she says. “They're always willing to evolve and advance their products to match our business needs.”