How McDonald’s stays ahead of the competition

The Challenge

McDonald’s was already using Sprinklr’s integrated platform to successfully align social media activities across 28,000 accounts. The brand was also leveraging Sprinklr’s Listening module to monitor all online mentions, gaining a bird’s-eye view of its digital footprint. So in many ways, McDonald’s was already a leader in digital.
McDonald’s wanted to evolve its social strategy further and use social insights to stay one step ahead of the game. This required developing a deeper understanding of how the brand was performing across individual branded accounts and against competitors.

The Solution

McDonald’s started using Sprinklr’s Benchmarking module to get comparative business insights. By layering Benchmarking on top of Listening, McDonald’s is able to dive much deeper into social performance metrics, and can leverage that knowledge to drive creativity, growth, efficiency, and competitive advantage. McDonald’s can keep a pulse on the performance of regional units, compare these numbers to competitor brands, and learn from best-in class brands in other industries. This allows McDonald’s to hone its digital strategy and create lasting digital experiences.

Combining listening with benchmarking

McDonald’s uses Listening to track sentiment, a key KPI used by many brands to gauge the effectiveness of campaigns. It’s an invaluable tool that helps the brand monitor and, well, listen to its audience, to hear what they’re saying about the brand – the good, the bad, and everything in between. But McDonald’s social team realized they wanted more detailed data on their social efforts, so they incorporated Benchmarking.
At heart, Benchmarking is a metrics machine. It tracks dozens of data points, from likes to number of comments to reply time, retweets, shares, and more. Paired with Listening, Benchmarking not only tracks social actions, but also monitors and analyzes them, giving McDonald’s an unprecedented level of insight into customers’ social behaviors.
It allows a brand to create baseline targets for the brand and its audience.

Establish internal benchmarks

Global brands like McDonald’s, with separate digital teams in each region, run the risk of having each unit become siloed. McDonald’s is well aware of this risk, so it leverages Sprinklr Benchmarking to compare performance across all units. This real-time, internal benchmarking provides precise, accurate, actionable data that can inform best practices and create consistent social experiences across multiple accounts. For example, if the central digital team notices that a certain post on the McDonald’s Japan dashboard performs well, the team can share that post in another region that will be similarly receptive. Instead of working harder, McDonald’s works smarter, amplifying its social impact and delivering content that users love.

Keep an eye on competitors

With customized dashboards showing the real-time metrics of top competitors, McDonald’s has better insight into industry trends and audience expectations. Never has the brand had such an in-depth, instantly accessible view of the playing field, and its position on it. Is Pizza Hut earning more likes per post? Tweak messaging. Is KFC delivering great results with fewer posts per week? Consider if frequency is optimal. What are the opportunities to capitalize on and the threats to be aware of from our competitors? Depending on social maturity of other companies, McDonald’s might even have better insights into competitors’ metrics than the other guys have themselves.

Best-in-class benchmarking

McDonald’s also leverages Sprinklr’s Benchmarking to stay humble, learn, and improve. “I think the overall goal is to learn and grow and be the industry expert rather than to live in a silo and presume we are doing the best,” said Sneha Jain, McDonald’s Global Social Data Intelligence Manager. In addition to having Benchmarking dashboards for internal units and competitors, McDonald’s has one for best-in-class digital brands from all industries. This way, McDonald’s keeps a pulse on the whole digital realm, which not only breaks down silos, but gives McDonald’s a creative and innovative edge. “We gather research on modern design in the indus-try to keep us inspired and sharp,” said Sneha.

Command Center displays allow McDonald’s to see a real-time leaderboard of brands that are dominating in terms of total engagements, brand posts, estimated post reach, participation, unique visits to pages, and more. With real-time updates on the digital successes of all of their favorite brands, McDonald’s stays in-the-know, up-to-date,
and aware of the ever-changing digital landscape.

McDonald’s now has data from roughly 300 social accounts which can be exported into easy-to-use, custom reports. What’s more, McDonald’s global team and distributed market leads now have the data they need to power their global social brand.

“By layering Benchmarking on top of Listening, we’ve developed a powerful brand health engine,” Sneha said.

“It allows us to get to the heart of trends and shed light on insights that are otherwise hard to unpack.”