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Explore how helpdesk automation can improve customer experience and reduce workload for support teams.

Naveen Mahadevan
February 26, 2023
4 min read

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What is helpdesk automation?

Helpdesk automation is a tool or solution that helps streamline and automate certain tasks and processes of a customer support team, allowing agents to focus on more complex or high-priority issues. Simply put, it is a way to use technology to make customer support more efficient and effective.

For example, a helpdesk automation solution can automatically route incoming customer inquiries to the appropriate support team or agent based on the nature of the request. It can also send automated customer responses, such as confirmation emails or status updates.

Other examples of helpdesk automation include using chatbots to answer common customer questions and using artificial intelligence to address customer issues.

Benefits of helpdesk automation

There are several benefits of helpdesk automation for enterprises looking to streamline their support process, reduce the workload on agents, and improve customer experience.

  • Improved efficiency: automating routine tasks can help free up time and resources for agents, allowing them to focus on more complex or high-priority issues

  • Faster resolution times: incoming inquiries can be routed to the appropriate team or agent more quickly, leading to faster resolution times

  • Increased customer satisfaction: automated responses and chatbots can provide quick answers to common questions, helping to improve the customer experience

  • Cost savings: automating routine tasks can help reduce labor costs and improve the overall efficiency of the support team, resulting in cost savings for the enterprise

  • Better data management: helpdesk automation can help improve the accuracy and organization of customer data, making it easier for agents to access and use the information they need

  • Increased scalability: enterprises can handle a larger volume of customer inquiries without hiring additional staff, making it easier to scale support operations as needed

Essential features of an automated helpdesk solution

Here are some features that an automated helpdesk system should be equipped with to aid customer support teams with their day-to-day tasks:

  • Ticket routing: route incoming customer inquiries automatically to the appropriate support team or agent based on the nature of the request

  • Automated responses: send automated responses to customers, such as confirmation emails or status updates

  • Knowledge base: agents and users can use a comprehensive database of information to find answers to common customer questions

  • Chatbot integration: deploy chatbots to answer common customer queries, or even provide assistance as a “virtual agent”

  • Case management: tools to help agents track and manage customer inquiries and issues

  • Reporting and analytics: generate reports and analyze data to identify trends and areas for improvement

  • Self-service options: features such as a customer portal or FAQ section to allow customers to find answers to frequently asked questions without any agent intervention

  • Collaboration tools: tools that allow agents to communicate and collaborate with each other and with other internal teams

  • Integrations with other systems: the ability to integrate with other systems, such as CRM or HR systems, to access and share relevant information

What customer support processes can be automated through a helpdesk software?

Automating certain tasks and processes can help support teams provide faster and more accurate support, improving customer satisfaction. There are several customer support processes you can automate through a helpdesk software:

  • Ticket assignment: assign tickets to the appropriate agent automatically based on the type of issue and the agent's skills and availability

  • Email notifications: send automatic email notifications to customers to keep them informed about the status of their ticket and when to expect a resolution

  • Knowledge base searches: automatically search the knowledge base for relevant articles and solutions to customer issues saving the agent’s time

  • Escalation of issues: if a customer issue is not resolved within a certain timeframe, the software can automatically escalate the issue to a supervisor

  • Survey responses: send automatic surveys to customers after a ticket is closed, allowing you to gather feedback and continually improve your customer service

  • Self-service options: provide self-service resources such as a knowledge base, online forum, or a chatbot to allow customers to find answers to their questions without needing to contact customer support

How to select the right helpdesk automation solution for your business?

When choosing a helpdesk automation solution for your business, consider the following factors:

  • Cost: determine your budget and factor in the ongoing costs associated with the solution, including any subscription fees, implementation costs and maintenance expenses

  • Scalability: choose a solution that can grow with your business and can handle the volume of inquiries and issues that you expect to receive

  • Ease of use: look for a solution that is easy to use and set up, with a user-friendly interface and precise documentation

  • Integration with other systems: consider whether the solution can integrate with existing business infrastructure such as your CRM system

  • Customization: look for a solution that can be customized to fit your specific needs and processes

  • Support and maintenance: consider the level of support and maintenance provided by the vendor, including factors like training and ongoing updates

  • Reputation: research the reputation of the vendor and read reviews from other users to get a sense of the solution's effectiveness and reliability

Sprinklr the right helpdesk automation software for your business

Most global brands have multiple agent teams with specialized skills and expertise to support their customers. But without intelligent helpdesk automation software, agents are forced to triage manually and route tickets — which leads to strained resources and frustrated customers.

That’s why many industry leaders are turning to a modern helpdesk solution built on the world’s first Unified Customer Experience Management (Unified-CXM) platform. By leveraging advanced AI-powered automation across 30+ digital and social channels, teams can automatically identify customer issues — then turn them into cases that are prioritized and intelligently routed to the right agent, resulting in better customer experiences.

Automatically identify the conversations that need a human touch

With AI-powered Intuition Moderation, Sprinklr automatically classifies messages across 30+ channels as non-engageable or engageable — so your agents can focus exclusively on the conversations worth having and valuable upsell and cross-sell opportunities are routed for swift responses.

Filter out the noise from public channels

Sprinklr’s automated spam detection lets you filter out unwanted, malicious, or unsolicited public content from your customer care channels in real time — reducing wasted time and increasing your operational efficiency.

Improve first-contact resolution by sending interactions to the right agent

Optimize assignment logic by routing cases to the right agent based on skills, capacity, availability, priority, and past interactions — so customers can enjoy more quick and meaningful responses.

Maximize contact center efficiency by smartly pairing conversations with agents

Route cases based on previous customer engagements to the same agent; compare similar instances to find the best agent to handle the issue; and identify the right agent match for the customer need with dynamically-updated agent skill profiles.

Automate repetitive housekeeping tasks

Sprinklr’s AI-powered Rule Engine classifies, prioritizes, and tags messages based on keywords, influencer score, issue type, sentiment, and more — saving your agents’ time and effort.

Streamline troubleshooting with guided workflows

Resolve cases quickly by turning routine customer queries into guided workflows your agents can follow. Design scripts that help agents respond appropriately with minimal training — and without ever leaving their unified, omnichannel agent console.

Build automated workflows for customized customer journeys

Sprinklr’s Journey Facilitator and Workflow Engine allow you to map complex business logic to automated workflows — helping you proactively engage and re-engage with customers at multiple points in their journey.

Unify your contact center with the world’s leading digital-first, proactive customer service solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Helpdesk software should be easy to use and customizable, allowing agents to handle a large volume of support requests and respond to them in a timely manner. Additionally, it should also provide useful reports and analytics that can help you understand the performance of your support team and identify areas for improvement.

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