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Sprinklr is the unified platform for customer-facing functions. With 33 products across 4 robust product suites and the only unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform, we help the world’s biggest companies make customers happier – by leveraging the most advanced proprietary AI engine built for enterprises to become human at scale on more than 30 digital and social channels.

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Sprinklr Service

The world’s leading digital-first, proactive customer experience solution.

Unified Care

Manage all of your customer care conversations in a single platform that supports more than 30 channels, including live chat, social, messaging, email, SMS, voice and video – all powered by a unified AI platform.

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Self-Service Community

Improve cross-platform customer experiences and reduce agent caseloads by letting customers share knowledge in digital communities – which you can customise and quickly moderate, all in a single application.

Live Chat

Connect with your customers quickly, provide personalised one-to-one support to resolve incoming requests and collect valuable data to inform better agent-led resolutions.

Conversational AI & Bots

Shift customers from IVR to cost-effective digital channels like web chat, SMS, email and WhatsApp – where conversational AI bots create faster and more reliable experiences.

Contact Centre Intelligence

Unlock AI-powered, real-time contact centre analytics – and uncover the actionable insights to trigger improvements in proactive customer care and reduce inbound contact volume.

Contact Centre Automation

Access powerful tools that let you automate contact centre workflows and processes, making it easier to solve customer conversations during the first contact.

Agent Assist

Analyse every conversation instantly to uncover the best suggestions, predictions and warnings that agents need to improve productivity – and solve customer issues faster.

Knowledge Base

Help agents find the right knowledge articles and reduce handle time with AI intents that present the most relevant answers directly within the Agent Console – or use it on your website, mobile app or community to offer customers quick, direct access to the right information.

Sprinklr Insights

Make decisions based on proactive, AI-powered research, based on the most complete set of customer experience data.

Social Listening

Hear the real-time voice of your customers and listen to topics of interest across social, digital and traditional channels – then use AI to enrich that data and reveal actionable insights.

Competitive Insights and Benchmarking

Analyse the performance of posts, engagement of audiences and key characteristics of content against competitors or other best-in-class brands – including which of your competitors’ messages lead the pack and why.

Product Insights

Leverage AI to gather actionable data on how customers feel about your products – revealing insights from reviews, social channels or any data source with SKU- or brand-level feedback.

Location Insights

Discover what brings in-store customers back – or drives them away – everywhere from individual locations to global regions with real-time feedback that spotlights how customers feel when they meet your brand face to face.

Visual Insights

Reveal exactly how consumers interact with your brand and act immediately on visual intelligence (including tracking and detecting any misuse of brand logos or likenesses) to power more meaningful communication across digital channels.

Media Monitoring & Analytics

Gain a comprehensive measure of your earned media – and connect stories across social and news channels – by using Sprinklr’s proprietary AI engine to monitor and analyse media coverage.

Sprinklr Social

Deliver a positive experience that’s true to your brand – no matter where your customers are digitally.

Social Publishing & Engagement

Plan, publish and manage brand content across multiple channels from a single platform – then measure and respond to customer engagement efficiently with automated workflows, intuition moderation and engagement dashboards that can be shared across teams.


Empower Distributed teams (Sales, location managers, field agents) with a lightweight yet powerful branded experience to engage customers on the digital and social channels they prefer.

Conversational Commerce

Help agents or bots lead customers from intent to purchase – and transform social into a revenue driver – with a one-to-one chat-based commerce experience that drives product selection and evaluation with AI, integrated product catalogues and a unified commerce connector.

Ratings & Review

Capture reviews for content and monitor ratings for additional consumer insights – then integrate Ratings & Reviews at the point of purchase on your website or mobile app to drive even more conversions.

Sprinklr Marketing

Build and protect your brand’s reputation, and take action at every point in the marketing lifecycle.

Campaign Planning & Content Marketing

Increase the ROI of your content with AI-powered integrated insights and reuse it, save time by enabling agile marketing with automated workflows, and manage brand risk with enterprise governance.

Marketing Analytics

Get a comprehensive view of your campaign performance across more than 30 digital channels, including social, web, email and more. Integrate third-party data to unlock powerful full-funnel insights in a single, consolidated view.


Encourage employees to share and affirm your brand positioning with an advocacy site featuring exclusive content and experiences – then measure your programme performance and optimise with reporting insights.

Social Advertising

Increase ROAS against business outcomes and across siloed teams using integrations, AI and automation that fuel collaboration, unify reporting and manage brand risk via approval processes, structured roles and enterprise governance.

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Unified Platform

The first platform purpose-built for unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) and trusted by the enterprise.

AI Studio

Create and deploy custom artificial intelligence models, validate predictions of existing models and retrain them accordingly. Build and refine all AI models with zero coding.


Sprinklr Sandbox offers an isolated test environment that mimics your live production environment, allowing you to practise with precision, create without consequences and change with confidence.


Sprinklr provides a robust list of RESTful web service APIs to integrate data and execute processes with any external system. Developers can also create applications to interact directly with Sprinklr by signing up on the developer portal.

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