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Grow your client base 50–90% faster with Sprinklr Distributed.

Your business may span thousands of locations or have agents and advisers spread all over the map – but you can’t let that structure be the cause of bad or inconsistent customer experiences. Sprinklr Distributed helps enterprises stay in control by keeping marketing and social sales from the edge of your organisation both coordinated and on-brand.

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How can distributed marketing increase earned media value by more than 30%?

While many enterprises have a linear, centralised structure, others follow a decentralised model – with hundreds or even thousands of individual locations or agents and advisers.

However, customers expect a consistent brand experience, wherever individual locations or agents may be based. Distributed marketing addresses this challenge by creating a shared repository of assets and best practices that give the edge of your organisation the resources they need to ensure on-brand, on-target content distribution, social media distribution and channel marketing.

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Distributed for sales: maximise reach and compliance

Increase your brand reach with customisable solutions that scale and coordinate social campaigns – while also ensuring that agents deliver on-brand experiences, no matter where they're based.

Key industries served: Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals, Reseller Networks

Distributed across locations: be local at scale

Distributed empowers your teams to scale brand content so they can connect effectively with local customer groups – while also ensuring that teams stay on-brand anywhere and everywhere they engage with customers.

Key industries served: Hospitality, Retail, Car Industry

Learn how Sprinklr Distributed can increase your lead conversion rates by 150–200%

Connect with our experts to discuss your goals and explore how you can:

Enable distributed sellers to take advantage of social channels

Protect your brand reputation through thoughtful corporate governance.

Ensure customers enjoy a consistent brand experience at every touchpoint.

77% of multi-location marketers say that executing scalable, localised campaigns is a challenge.

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Give remote teams the tools they need to plan and execute quickly with local editorial calendars, asset manager, and suggested campaigns and content templates that you’ve already optimised for performance.

Sellers who use social media are 51% more likely to hit their quota. Empower your agents.

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Shared content templates and automated task workflows help remote teams quickly plan and execute social media campaigns – with full confidence that your corporate team stands by them.

Sprinklr named a leader in the Forrester Wave, Sales Social Engagement Solutions, Q1 2021

After analysing eight different platforms, Sprinklr’s Distributed product was recognised as a leader by Forrester – with the highest score in the current offering, and tied for the highest score in strategy.

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Download the visual report on the top three social sales challenges for financial services.

  • Quantify the vast market opportunity represented by a new generation of investors 

  • Discover the correlation between active social media engagement and revenue

  • Identify the potential risks of off-brand social engagement and non-compliance

  • Explore the key success metrics enjoyed by brands that partner with Sprinklr

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