Sprinklr for Government:
Citizen Experience Management

“We are leveraging the power of the world's largest social platforms and messaging apps while adapting our proven Sprinklr CXM platform for the public sector to combat misinformation, serve citizens ... and most importantly, to save lives.”

Ragy Thomas Founder & CEO, Sprinklr

Ragy Thomas

Grappling with a pandemic AND an infodemic

People have migrated to modern channels such as social platforms and messaging apps. This creates an opportunity for governments to combat the infodemic AND build a more responsive, citizen-centric communications infrastructure.

Our Sprinklr CXM platform has been used by the world's largest organisations for over a decade, adapting to the needs of the public sector to become a proven one-of-a-kind Citizen Experience Management platform. The platform can be set up within seven days, enabling governments to offer immediate relief to concerned citizens.

Sprinklr Citizen Experience Management Platform


Make better decisions by using all digitally available data. Understand where the next hotspot is, and tap into public insights

Smart Alerts
Outbreak Intelligence
Display Walls

Gain understanding from publicly available conversations using COVID-19 trained Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Engage with citizens one-to-one or one-to-many via digital channels (automated or live) to alleviate the burden on call centres

Omnichannel Engagement
Live Chat
Case Management
Routing & Resolution

Divert high-volume traffic from call centres to modern channels such as social media, messaging, chat and text.

Provide citizens with the latest public health data, content and announcements, and combat misinformation

Communications Calendar
Content Management
Misinformation Management
Approval Workflow
Omnichannel Publishing

Plan initiatives across multiple levels of government via one shared calendar.

Sprinklr's primary government use cases

Drive Citizen Awareness of Government Resources & Services

  1. Gain a real-time understanding of citizen awareness, sentiment, satisfaction and politicised agendas by leveraging AI & omnichannel reporting and listening to public conversations.

  2. Reduce the demand on systems, call centres, and support functions. Use A.I. to triage and respond to the influx of inbound digital communication.

  3. Create clear, consistent messaging that combats misinformation, addresses current events, and responds to citizens' needs by leveraging AI-powered reporting insights.

Deliver Government Services Efficiently 
at Scale

  1. Make better informed budgeting decisions and optimise resource and service access by using AI to examine citizens' needs and experience

  2. Efficiently respond to urgent citizen concerns. Prioritise and collaborate on inbound inquiries across departments, divisions, and offices.

  3. Enhance productivity of cross-functional teams. Collaborate with context in a single platform with a unified global calendar and centralised asset management.

Manage Risk with Efficient Crisis Response

  1. Understand public opinion, trends, and concerns in real-time. Detect issues early and decrease crisis response time.

  2. Get early visibility into crises & appropriate response with an AI-based early warning system and escalation process across departments and offices.

  3. Eliminate the risk of unauthorised communications activity. Roll out an auditable governance structure that manages user access and permissions based on roles and responsibilities.

7 Day Set-up and Rapid Roll Out

Working closely with partners such as Accenture, we can set up a new nation-scale country instance in as little as 7 days. This allows countries to act immediately to battle the spread of the pandemic and the infodemic.

Citizen-focused. Privacy focused. Security obsessed.

Sprinklr CXM is a tool that allows government agencies at all levels to process and manage publicly available and self-reported data. Enable tracing, tracking, communication, and quarantining to combat the spread and impact of the Coronavirus pandemic.

To safeguard citizen privacy and enable government to comply with applicable laws:

Citizens participate by opting in

Citizens control their own data, and can access or have it deleted at any time

Citizen data is protected using Sprinklr data security standards

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