Elevate citizen and visitor experiences

Unify government agencies and public service teams on a single AI-powered platform to deliver an interconnected citizen experience while streamlining processes and maximizing efficiency.

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Understand citizen and visitor journeys better

Unlock valuable citizen data and gain deeper insight into citizen and visitor feedback to drive strategic government initiatives.

Tap into structured and unstructured citizen feedback across 30+ social and digital channels, 400K+ media sources and 1B+ websites and review sites. Understand key trends and flag potential crises proactively.

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Enable government agencies to access a consolidated view of citizen/visitor information and interactions, to understand context and drive effective communication in every interaction.

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Drive greater public engagement with better-targeted content and journeys. Pre-emptively notify citizens about current and upcoming developments to public services, enhancing transparency and trust.

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Streamline workflows and deliver speedy citizen support

Enable fast, personalized interactions between citizens and government agencies on any communications channel, ensuring timely response and resolution.

Deliver support on your citizens’ preferred means of real-time communication – voice, social or other digital channels. Sprinklr enables teams to hold relevant interactions without losing the vital context of the citizen’s request, no matter the channel.

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Identify common issues and drill down into their root causes to inform proactive resolution strategies and preventative measures. Route critical insights to the right team to solve issues and potential crises even before they arise.

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Leverage Sprinklr’s Conversational AI-powered chatbots and advanced routing to ensure citizens find the fastest route to answers. With AI-powered assistance for service delivery teams, expedite resolution, minimize waiting times and improve satisfaction.

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Measure, monitor and improve public services

Drive continuous improvement, ensure accountability and transparency, and foster innovation through data-driven insights.

Eliminate fragmented technology and data siloes to get a comprehensive view of public service delivery at every level.

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Use a powerful AI-powered insights engine to measure public services, understand outcomes and identify areas for improvement.

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Empower citizens with self-service portals and digital-first communication channels. Make it easier than ever before for them to access vital services and information.

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Sprinklr receives fedramp status
A critical step in Sprinklr’s mission to help U.S. government agencies transform citizen experiences across digital channels