How Denver International Airport improves social engagement through personalized customer service

Scott Dulman

October 28, 20224 min read

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Citizen and customer engagement lessons learned and best practices

The National Association of Counties (NACo) hosted a webinar with thought leaders from Denver International Airport (DEN) and Sprinklr, who discussed how government organizations use social media, social listening, and social care solutions to engage customers, improve service, and reduce administrative burdens. Owned and managed by the City and County of Denver, DEN Airport responds faster by delivering information and resources across all social media and digital channels.

Marco Toscano, Director of Customer Experience at DEN Airport, discussed how his team modernized customer service and engagement with social media, AI, and automation technologies. He also showed the analytics that enables counties to improve the information, resources, and services delivered to the community. Marco shared valuable insights about:

  • Empowering customer service agents to deliver reputation-safe messages in real-time across 30+ social media, messaging, chat, and voice channels

  • Improving the quality and responsiveness of customer and resident engagement with a single platform for customer service, communications, and public relations

  • Rapidly communicating to the community with context and personalization to minimize the impact of emergencies on travelers, residents, and businesses

  • Streamlining workflows to reduce time-consuming approval processes, increase security, and ensure accuracy

  • Monitoring customer sentiments, evaluating service outcomes, and analyzing engagement with AI, dashboards, analytics, and reporting

Watch the NACo Webinar: Creating meaningful engagement with citizens through personalized customer service

Resident and customer engagement challenges

Residents, travelers, and tourists expect an always-on customer experience, with communication, information, and customer service delivered through social media channels. To meet residents where they communicate, state and local government organizations must transform the way they engage citizens, businesses, and partners. For example, DEN Airport’s Customer Relations Center (CRC) is staffed with subject-matter experts trained to assist passengers. But, they were inexperienced at responding to customers or communicating through social media and cautious about taking swift action, given the increased scrutiny facing government employees on digital channels. 

“Every time we engage with a customer on social media, we are seen as not just speaking on behalf of the airport, but on behalf of the City and County of Denver — Marco Toscano

Denver needed to modernize their social engagement and social care with a solution that would: 

  • Empower customer service agents to confidently deliver reputation-safe messages in real-time across a large number of social channels

  • Streamline workflows to reduce slow, time-consuming approvals processes, increase security, and ensure information accuracy

  • Improve social listening to better understand the needs of the community, travelers, and partners

Improving the customer experience is a guiding principle at Denver International Airport

DEN Airport uses Sprinklr’s Social Listening to give customer service agents real-time customer insight across all social channels. DEN Airport customer care teams can immediately see traveler questions, issues, and feedback and take action to resolve problems or amplify positive messages. Social Listening has dramatically improved customer experience quality across the airport.

DEN Airport maintains a content library of pre-approved messages for key social platforms such as Facebook, X, formerly Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram with Sprinklr’s Social Publishing & Engagement. The solution streamlines communications and customer service workflows to accelerate responses, reduce errors, and eliminate missed messages.

“Sprinklr is a single platform that supports all customer experience channels, helps us deliver world-class customer care, provides us support whenever we need it, and gives our customer service agents the confidence to take action in a safe environment — Marco Toscano

DEN Airport delivers personalized customer service with both “high-tech” options and in-person assistance to customers seeking support. Denver understands the individuality of the community and offers eight different options for residents and customers to connect with their staff:

  • Social Media

  • AI self-service

  • Email

  • Phone

  • SMS

  • Webchat

  • Live video call with an agent

  • In-person support from information booths

Denver has significantly transformed the quality, quantity, and speed of customer engagement and experience in important ways. There’s a built-in escalation process, making it easy for an agent to forward a message to a supervisor. And once it is with the supervisor, there is an established workflow that sends automatic messages to PR or care teams rather than doing this all over various email chains with lots of people, and the risk of delays and missed messages.

Toscano described several key improvements and measures of success from DEN Airport’s customer experience team that include:

  • Reducing call abandonment by 30% through AI and customer self-service

  • Increasing customer satisfaction in key areas such as security wait times and gate area comfort through “voice of the customer” feedback

  • Extending the reach of customer service staff by offering QR codes to launch video call support

  • Improving customer satisfaction with CSAT surveys showing 82% of customers rating DEN Airport 10 out of 10

Learn more about innovative citizen engagement and customer care solutions 

Residents and customers are now accustomed to the customer experiences offered by the private sector — and expect the same from the government. State and local government organizations raise the bar to meet the expectations of citizens, businesses, and employees with a Unified Customer Experience Management (Unified-CXM) platform from Sprinklr. Sprinklr helps our government customers improve and accelerate economic development, tourism, employee recruiting, citizen engagement, customer care, and crisis management communications.

Government customers leverage Sprinklr’s AI-powered customer experience management platform to listen, engage, attract, and reach residents, businesses, and customers across all social, messaging, voice, and digital channels. The platform helps government organizations:

  • Improve citizen engagement and customer service with smart alerts and workflows to detect and respond to issues faster and engage residents across all channels

  • Empower residents and customers to help themselves 24/7/365 with AI-bots and self-service to find answers, resources, and resolve issues quickly

  • Understand resident and customer sentiment using AI to analyze unstructured data like photos, videos, reactions, shares, comments, and emojis

Want to learn how Sprinklr helps state and local government organizations unify citizen experience management functions in a single enterprise platform?

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