Check out Sprinklr’s Fall ’22 release.

Discover Sprinklr’s 17.10 Fall ’22 release loaded with innovative, value-driving capabilities that ensure simple and seamless customer experiences.

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Sprinklr Service

Improve the efficiency of your supervisors and agents with powerful AI-led workflows and insights.

The conversational AI Persona App helps you reduce time to market with a simplified UI to create and manage chat and voice bots. A use case library offers out-of-the-box bot templates for a quick head start.


Sprinklr Insights

Experience better usability, expanded source coverage for better listening, and new app integration for persona-specific goals.

A simplified UI with a guided user flow helps you identify insights with Sprinklr’s best-in-class verticalized AI models. A library with OOTB dashboard templates addresses the most common use cases in a handful of clicks. Also, Insights Assistant provides AI-driven descriptive and prescriptive insights to give teams a head start.


Sprinklr Marketing

Experience robust content creation, new integrations, and better briefing methods. Explore new advertising channels and calendar improvements with this release.

Add your Reddit ads account in Sprinklr and create reporting dashboards. Leverage custom field taxonomy to get better data breakups and insights and report on them, such as unified reporting view for all channels, Sprinklr Campaign and Custom Fields, Pacing Groups, and Ads Benchmarking.


Sprinklr Social

Bolster your governance capabilities with new AI-powered features for compliance. Turn social into a revenue driver and boost your brand visibility and perception.

Sprinklr assists in adding items to the shopping cart for checkout via in-person chat or chatbots. Please note enabling payments during checkout would require custom integration. Also, WhatsApp Commerce is available for clients who have purchased a Commerce add-on — to enable it, please contact your account executive.


Unified-CXM Platform

Explore new integrations and enhancements that will improve the way you work with Sprinklr.  

Access assets in real time from Sitecore with their tags and eliminate risk by updating assets in Sprinklr. If the asset is present in Sitecore, you can search and import it automatically. Assets pulled from Sitecore are synced unidirectionally from Sitecore to Sprinklr for updates.


Cross-Product Features

Learn more about our latest features to improve the user experience across products within the platform.

Get real-time visibility into the organization’s customer service KPIs. Sprinklr Display now supports CCaaS data sources: voice analytics and SMS/WhatsApp analytics to empower Care teams with centralized accessibility, monitoring, and actionability on real-time data, KPIs, and insights.

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User Experience Enhancements

Enjoy a simpler, better, and more consistent Sprinklr experience with exciting changes in platform usability, appearance, and behavior.

Engagement dashboard users will see a notification bar at the top highlighting recently deactivated accounts. Users clicking the notification will be prompted to either re-add the accounts if they have the necessary permissions or notify the account owner/admin.


Security Updates

Maintain the trust and confidence of your customers and stakeholders with Sprinklr’s newly-added security and privacy measures.

JWT API Authentication mechanism is a secure way of API authorization that allows an access token to be generated from a certificate-based policy and helps reduce manual user intervention. This can be scaled to all customers currently using Sprinklr APIs, and to those who have a provision to support the JWT Bearer Token Authorization mechanism.

Security Updates

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