Check out the top updates in Sprinklr’s Spring ’22 release.

This April, you’ll find a tremendous range of new features and capabilities in Sprinklr. Discover what they are — and more importantly, how they’ll help your team make customers happier.

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Sprinklr Service

Promote a self-service-first strategy with Knowledge Base and Guided Workflows.

Our SEO-optimized Knowledge Base makes it easier than ever for customers to find the answers they need on their own without costly, time-consuming manual intervention — while AI-powered Smart Comprehend analyzes agents’ conversations with customers and automatically surfaces articles that can help them speed resolutions.

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Sprinklr Insights

Accelerate time to insights and enhance usability with new features and visualization updates.

Introducing Conversation Insights, a new deep-learning-powered innovation that clusters related conversations, and visualizes them into interconnected themes to surface actionable insights you might not have known existed. Uncover the narrative from millions of data points and explore how they evolve, relate, and impact one another over time with time-lapse views and drill-down capabilities.

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Sprinklr Marketing

Check every box with a robust campaign planning approach that includes budgets, briefs, channels, ad formats, and more.

Optimize your product ads — and maximize your ROI — by separating product sets to create actionable product-level insights; identifying why certain creative strategies work; and unifying reporting on your performance by integrating data from Google Analytics and Facebook onto Sprinklr.

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Sprinklr Social

Turn social into a revenue driver by accessing new channels and improving team collaboration.

We’ve added Discord, which supports voice, video, and text communication for 150 million active users. Now your team can monitor, engage, and grow your reach on that channel – all within one single platform.

17.4-Release Web CustomerComms DiscordNewChannel 2x

Unified-CXM Platform

Explore new cross-platform and cross-product features that increase scale and improve usability.

Gain a 360º view of your customers by accessing all of their previous cases from Salesforce — and leveraging agent availability and capacity data from that platform to manage the visibility of Sprinklr Live Chat to customers.

17.4-Release Web CustomerComms SalesforceEnhancement 2x

User Experience Enhancements

Enjoy a simpler and more consistent user experience with our new appearance and platform behavior updates.

We’ve minimized steps to give you a more intuitive way to post on Instagram when multiple channels are selected – resulting in far fewer error messages and a more streamlined process.

17.4-Release Web CustomerComms SimplifiedVideoandImagePublishing 2x

Security Updates

Maintain the trust and confidence of your customers and stakeholders with newly added security and privacy measures.

Our engineering teams recently implemented additional safeguards to Sprinklr’s reporting export functionality to enhance the security and privacy for you and your customers.

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