Social Publishing & Engagement

Is your brand working at the scale of social?

Navigating the vast social landscape.

Even the largest brands struggle to produce the volume of social content that’s required in our digital age. And pesky issues like approvals and compliance can seem trivial, until something slips through and causes a crisis. Even if it’s on just a handful of platforms, creating content, approving it, and publishing it – then tracking, reporting, and analyzing the results – can be a major drain on your team’s time and focus..

Respond to inbound messages timely and effectively.

Your entire social program at your fingertips.

With Sprinklr Social Publishing and Engagement, you can use an integrated system for managing content across all major social media channels. Incorporating everything from images to copy, automated responses for common customer inquiries to campaign timing, and custom workflows to streamlined approvals that mitigate compliance risks, it dramatically increases efficiency for brands.

The social management tool you’ve been looking for.

  • Draft, approve, schedule, and auto-tag content across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and 23+ other global social channels.
  • Launch campaigns accurately every time to ensure they’re correctly targeted, and that the right content is delivered on the right channel to the right audience.
  • Route and prioritize incoming messages to the appropriate team members through automatic categorization.
  • Manage assets, link shorteners, versioning, and more with bulk actions and automation – all in a single unified system.
  • Avoid crises by establishing automatic compliance guidelines.


Draft and publish content to 25+ social channels, at scale.

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