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Unified Platform

Unified Platform

Sprinklr’s Unified Platform provides strong governance and privacy, helpful collaboration,
sophisticated automation, and advanced AI capabilities to help you manage risk and be more efficient

Sprinklr’s Unified Platform provides strong governance and privacy, helpful collaboration,
sophisticated automation, and advanced AI capabilities to help you manage risk and be more efficient


Recognized by Forrester Research as a leader in social media listening, Sprinklr Listening covers the broadest range of social networks and messaging platforms, and taps into millions of publicly available news and reviews sites, forums, and blogs.

Our AI-based analysis shows what consumers are saying about a brand’s products, and spotlights how customer experiences vary across different regions and brand locations. These insights can help you make your customers happier, regardless of where and how they choose to interact with your brand.


Sprinklr is built for enterprise-grade security and compliance. With over 800 role-based, granular permissions, two factor authentication, and SSO integration you can control who has access to any function within the platform.

Sprinklr can also ensure that any content published from the platform is properly reviewed and approved. As a GDPR compliant solution, Sprinklr facilitates the removal of any PII content when requested by consumers.


Sprinklr provides flexible user access to the platform. On desktop browsers, our Space user interface is designed for easy use and efficiency. When you’re on the go, our Space Mobile App delivers quick access to a wide range of Sprinklr functions.

Data Management

Data Management via custom fields. Each entity within Sprinklr can incorporate an infinite number of text, date, numeric or currency custom fields, which can also have infinitely nested, dependent fields. This allows you to properly configure the platform for your organization’s needs.


With Sprinklr, working within and across teams is easy. Teams such as customer service and marketing can use separate workspaces to handle their day-to-day tasks, and teams can collaborate with each other using messages and comments directed at individual users or groups.

Within the Sprinklr platform, notifications are available via email or through the mobile app, depending on your preference.


Prior to publishing, rules can be tested and sequenced by priority, scheduled, and audited.

With Macros, users can automate manual actions on-demand across several objects at once. For example, a user can update a status and reassign a message.


Beyond our programmatic features, Sprinklr’s Intuition AI uses machine learning and natural language processing to automatically enrich and classify data, highlight anomalies, or recommend content or actions.

Our sentiment analysis is over 80% accurate, and we can detect certain people, places, objects and logos in social media images – empowering brands to understand how consumers feel about their products and how they use them.

Integrations & API

Sprinklr’s enterprise-grade solution offers integrations with over 20 business applications such as Salesforce CRM, Microsoft Dynamics, ServiceNow, and many more. And with our API, you can develop custom integrations with any of your systems of record.


Driving business results requires flexible, accurate and timely reporting. Sprinklr’s unified reporting dashboards provide all of that and more. Out of the box metrics include social, messaging, advertising, listening, audiences, advocacy, asset management, and task management, among others.

Sprinklr provides broad coverage, deep insights, and intuitive visuals at your fingertips. No other platform helps you understand and maximize the value of paid, owned and earned media for your business.

Sprinklr Sandbox

Manage change without consequences so teams can optimize and innovate while sustaining peace-of-mind and reducing risk. Sprinklr offers customers two types of sandboxes:

Standard Sandbox: Testing environment complete with true configuration details (rules, workflows, approval paths, etc.) intended for development and testing in an isolated environment.

Premium Sandbox: Near carbon copy of a live production environment and inclusive of data such as messages, profiles, assets, etc. Intended to be used as a staging, and/or training environment.

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