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Learn how to deliver instant delight and frictionless WhatsApp support.

Pradeep Vasudev
July 19, 2022
4 min read

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WhatsApp support

WhatsApp support refers to the adoption of the WhatsApp Business application by B2C and B2B companies of all shapes and sizes to serve their customers on the app. While the original WhatsApp application is for users to connect and share messages, the purpose of WhatsApp Business is to allow companies to support their customers right where they are.

Depending upon your company’s WhatsApp support strategy, the usage of WhatsApp Business for customer service can be further classified into two parts – the WhatsApp Business app and WhatsApp Business API.

WhatsApp Business app vs WhatsApp Business API – What’s the right choice for your company?

The WhatsApp Business app is a primary requirement for both cases. You need to consider your company size and query volume to decide between a basic WhatsApp Business account or an account with an integrated WhatsApp Business API.

An image that shows Whatsapp Business app vs WhatsApp Business API

How to use WhatsApp Business for customer support and experience

An image showing the Important use cases of WhatsApp Business for customer support

1. Gather customer trust with opt-in and security

WhatsApp ensures that your company takes prior customer consent to opt-in for account updates, promotions, and transactional messages sent to them. With two-factor authentication (2FA), end-to-end encryption, and spam protection, companies can authentically reach out to customers and also filter out or notify fraudulent activities.

2. Delight customers with interactive messaging and self-service

With WhatsApp Business APIs, you can set up HSM (Highly Structured Message) templates that make your conversations more engageable and frictionless. The templates are usually designed as lists and cards with CTAs, reply buttons, and navigation menus. They can potentially be used for guided self-service and take a considerable workload off agents’ backs.

An image showing a WhatsApp interface with a message created using Highly Structured Message template.

3. Recover abandoned carts with re-engagement

Cart abandonment is a common business pain point, especially for e-commerce websites. The customer drops off at the last moment without that additional nudge to purchase products. With a WhatsApp Business API, you can trigger messages to re-engage the customers where they left the journey, making the experience coherent.

Types of messages you can trigger for cart abandonment:

  • Reminders to complete payments when they fall through because of network or banking issues

  • Help articles and community discussions around abandoned products that customers might find useful to make a decision

  • Alternative product recommendations that might be of value or interest to the customers

4. Reduce wait times with live, multi-agent support

WhatsApp Business API allows multiple support agents to be added to a single WhatsApp account number and simultaneously handle as many customer interactions as possible over a shared inbox.

An image showing how to build highly-structured message (HSM) templates for your WhatsApp support using Sprinklr Service

5. Proactively send out real-time notifications

Proactive engagement on Whatsapp is all about being one step ahead of customer needs. Companies need to be able to inform customers about important updates even before they reach out to support.

WhatsApp Business API can fulfill this requirement by automating updates through every stage of the customer journey.

Imagine you’re running a travel company that curates amazing holiday experiences for its customers. Here’s what WhatsApp Business API can do to redefine your support strategy:

  • Send booking information and relevant rich media such as tickets, geo-location, and itinerary on WhatsApp

  • Trigger a “talk to one of our travel experts” nudge to help understand their pain points

  • Provide timely updates on flight delays and cancellations, with alternatives

  • Track the status of flights and guided tours in real-time

  • Send additional information on special deals, activities, and accommodation

6. Improve support productivity and quality with chatbots

Integrating chatbots with WhatsApp improves agent productivity by automatically responding to FAQs and common customer queries. Creating conversation trees for chatbots to help agents plugin or recommend the correct information for customers from the knowledge base without worrying about erratic responses or the time taken.

How Sprinklr Service fuels your WhatsApp Customer Support

By integrating your WhatsApp business account with Sprinklr, you can reap many benefits, including:

You can transform your support quality and productivity with WhatsApp Business

- Have personalized customer conversations with complete privacy

Solve customer problems away from the public eye by deflecting them to WhatsApp and personalizing your approach with historical context from 13+ digital channels.

- Proactively automate alerts and notifications – on a messaging channel with a 99% open rate

Ensure delivery of important customer communication by automating replies, SLA breach alerts, account alerts, downtime updates, and payment reminders.

- Unlock agent productivity and CSAT by configuring smart routing rules

Auto-assign inbound WhatsApp messages to the right person based on the type of issue, agent skills, and keywords. Pair agents with customers based on successful case history and AI-led personality identifiers.

An image that shows the setting up of automated responses conditions for your WhatsApp Business account from Sprinklr Service

You can respond faster and smarter

- Set up your WhatsApp Business account hassle-free in 5 mins

Start deflecting live chat, social media support, and calls to WhatsApp instantly by setting up your account in no time.

An image showing the 4 simple steps to integrate your Whatsapp Business account with Sprinklr Service

- Build intuitive self-serve paths with engageable WhatsApp message templates

Create WhatsApp card templates with prompts, options, and CTAs to provide conversational support 24x7.

- Support with speed and accuracy using no-code chatbots and auto-responses

Manage common customer queries using no-code bot builders and auto-response workflows without getting your agents and supervisors wrapped in technical complexities.

Explore Sprinklr Service’s integration with WhatsApp Business and discover for yourself how to delight your customers at speed and scale.

  • Delight customers with real-time support, 24x7 through the year.

  • Slash call center costs and improve support quality by empowering agents with an intuitive interface.

  • Leverage the Sprinklr Service - WhatsApp Business API for workforce management, account authentication, self-serve, automation, CRM, and much more.

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