Improving agent productivity with unified customer experience management

Naveen H

March 6, 20236 min read

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In today’s connected world, brands must make sure they are present and available in all places their users reach out to them. Having a team of agents available to monitor and respond to customers is table stakes. The social media management tool is the agent’s go-to solution on an everyday basis. Choosing the right solution has a profound impact on your agents’ productivity.

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Why does agent productivity matter?

Agents are one of the biggest cost centers for brands when managing their customer experience and creating value for their customers. Scaling up customer experience operations goes hand in hand with growth of the brand. 

There are two main levers to reach this scale at this point. The first is the number of agents you have on your team. The second is the productivity of each agent — how much can each person get done. Increasing the number of agents on your team is a huge cost to the company and each new addition would actually cost 100-300% of their salary in hidden costs of onboarding. 

So, the more effective way to scale would be to increase the productivity of the people on the team. Let them engage and reach more of your customers, take less time to prepare and get ready for their outreach.

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How can your CXM platform improve productivity?

Social media solutions are mostly point solutions for agents, which provide ways to handle different platforms. But customers might reach out to brands across different channels, with the same or different queries. Brands which strive for the best experience would strive to provide a uniform experience across all of these channels. 

Agents need to have complete context about a customer to successfully address their needs. With point solution chaos, they tend to get lost searching for and pulling together data, turning it into insights and a complete picture of the customers. There is valuable time lost which could have been utilized to increase utilities. 

A Unified Customer Experience Management (Unified-CXM) platform can give your agents a comprehensive customer view, saving them time looking for customer info. The platform you use determines how much your agents can get done for your customers. The right customer experience management (CXM) platform can help save a lot of time spent in mundane repetitive work and help them focus on high leverage work that makes a difference. Having a unified platform for agents to work across all channels helps in the following ways:

It provides unified conversation context

A unified platform that pulls in data from all channels can automatically set this context for support agents, saving their time from retrieving data so they can focus on delighting customers. When a user has reached out to a brand on three different social channels, and is then reaching out through chat or email, agents need to be able to see what has happened before. 

Valuable time gets lost if they have to manually search in each of the channels and get this information themselves. Having a unified view of cases also helps agents delight users as it avoids back and forth over explaining issues they have discussed before.

It automates mundane tasks

In most cases, a large part of an agent’s time is spent in keeping records or updating information redundantly, rather than working on helping customers. They would need to update data about issues, tag them for categorization and reporting purposes and so on. Automation can help bring the time spent on these tasks down drastically. Categorizing, updating, following up on data are some mundane tasks that are automated by a platform. 

It simplifies data collection and analytics

Agents and their supervisors might need to spend a lot of time gathering analytics data and reporting. Checking performance and trends, planning and ensuring quality are collective responsibilities that require insights and analysis. Getting data from every single platform and gathering it into spreadsheets becomes a weekly chore. 

In case any action needs to be taken on the basis of the analysis, it might be too late. Such analytics and monitoring capabilities are provided out of the box by CXM platforms saving users the trouble of doing this manually. Time to insights is reduced, letting teams take action in time when there are any issues. 

The role of customer experience in improving agent productivity

A CXM platform is a brand’s most powerful tool to provide delightful customer experiences. There are so many things it can help accomplish for people with many different roles. No two people need the same things. There are a variety of job roles that vary across organizations, each with its own functions. 

The power of a CXM solution can only be completely leveraged by a brand if agents are exposed to the right information and actions at the right time. Productivity can increase only if they are able to utilize all capabilities to the fullest, and this is where the user experience of the platform comes into play. 

Some key aspects of good user experience tie into productivity directly:

  • Reduced cognitive load: Good user experience removes the need for users to remember how to do things, freeing them up to focus on their core objective — delivering customer delight.

  • Low time to task: The time it takes for a user to perform daily actions is reduced through a customized user experience, directly increasing the agents’ productivity and improving the overall efficiency of your contact center.

  • Increased learnability: A great user experience is one that entails a short learning curve. Somebody new to the platform should be able to pick it up and get work done in no time. This directly impacts the time it takes for a brand to get their agents productive.

A CXM platform with all its benefits, can truly elevate a team of agents when combined with a tailored user experience. If organizations are able to customize their interface putting what matters to their teams front and center, customer support teams can benefit with a significant increase in productivity. Customizability should be one of the key criteria when you look for an efficient CXM solution.

Choosing the right CXM platform that can provide a great user experience should be an important part of your brand strategy and investment. With more productive agents, you can continue to delight more of your customers and increase brand loyalty.

The role of customer experience in improving agent productivity

Brands can give their agents and teams access to the most important functions within one click and a home page of all the curated information they need.

Let a CXM platform personalized user experience be an important part of your brand strategy. The productivity of your agents will skyrocket, with your customers getting the benefits of it. A direct impact on your brand loyalty and revenues will follow!

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