Build your university’s reputation and make digital connections that last a lifetime.

Every day, your institution’s reputation is being affected by conversations across a growing list of disparate digital channels, from social media to online forums to professional networks.


If you can’t hear it, you can’t be part of it. Whether it's attracting prospective students, competing for grants, managing a campus crisis or engaging alumni, building and protecting your college or university’s reputation requires a scalable digital engagement strategy that’s specifically tailored to the needs of higher education.

A purpose-built solution for higher education.

Sprinklr for Higher Education is an out-of-the-box solution that is pre-configured to help today’s colleges and universities achieve business goals and improve the higher education experience by listening to, understanding and engaging with their communities.

Developed through a pilot programme with a major university, this groundbreaking solution specifically calibrates the industry’s leading AI model for higher education audiences, processing huge volumes of unstructured data across more than 35 digital channels to understand intent and sentiment – and drive more effective engagement.

Built on an industry-leading unified platform, Sprinklr for Higher Education enables colleges and universities to quickly transform their digital engagement strategy with an easy implementation process (Plan, Build, Educate, Empower, Transform) that helps you achieve immediate value.

89% of students get education-related news and information from social media.
Build and protect your institution's reputation

77% of alumni organizations use digital content to engage with their alumni.
Engage with your community on their preferred channels

63% of prospective students use social media to research colleges.
Manage crises proactively, before they go viral

'We took a deep dive into every aspect of Sprinklr and broadly assessed more than a dozen competitor offerings, and found that the depth of Sprinklr's listening capabilities and its artificial intelligence are by far the best on the market to address our innovative approach to research and teaching.'

Dr Jameson Hayes

Director of the Public Opinion Lab
University of Alabama


Give your reputation a competitive advantage.

When it comes to promoting your institutions, your faculty and your research, falling behind competitors can impact everything from your rankings and enrolment to funding. Your reputation – and real money – are at stake.
  • Analyse huge volumes of unstructured data to uncover trends that can have an impact on your reputation.

  • Learn what other colleges and universities are saying about their institutions – and what others are saying about you.

  • Produce targeted content that highlights your achievements, showcases your faculty and differentiates your institution to stand out from the group.


Meet your prospective students where they are.

63% of prospective students use social media to research institutions – and 60% will follow or like an institution that they're actively considering. That creates valuable opportunities for you.
  • Unlock unique insights into what prospective students think about your university.

  • Sprinklr analyses more than 350 million digital sources – spanning social media, messaging, review sites and more – to identify relevant messages by keyword.

  • Tagged messages are added to a list of prospective students, enabling you to engage them directly with relevant and persuasive content.


Engage your students more effectively.

89% of university- or college-enrolled students get news and information from social media. Sprinklr for Higher Education can help you become an active part of that conversation.
  • Get a real-time, 24/7 understanding of issues affecting students on and off campus with AI-powered monitoring that automatically detects anomalies.

  • Use Sprinklr’s built-in automation and workflow capabilities to ensure that action is taken when needed, such as when answering students’ questions.


Build lasting relationships with your alumni.

77% of alumni organisations use compelling digital content, including social media, to successfully engage with their alumni. Does that include you?
  • Use AI-powered listening to uncover alumni conversations – and ensure that you’re engaging them by using the right content at the right time on the right digital channels.

  • Keep alumni connections strong long after graduation by planning, executing, optimising and analysing strategic content that addresses their needs and interests – from helping them pursue careers to identifying opportunities for annual giving and community-building.


Manage the next crisis, proactively.

'How bad is it?' During a crisis, your leadership team doesn’t want to be in firefighting mode. Being prepared can make all the difference – and Sprinklr for Higher Education is the key.
  • Sprinklr’s AI alerts can identify trending conversations and detect potential issues at the earliest stages, helping you stop a crisis before it goes viral.

  • Mitigate risk with account-level governance that helps you instantly and automatically stop publishing across owned and paid channels.


Scale your strategy with Automation and Analytics.

Knock down silos and give all departments the tools they need to make an impact by leveraging Sprinklr's AI-powered platform to coordinate strategies, automate workflows and deliver analytics that make it easy to track and report on performance.
  • Save time and cut costs by using Sprinklr’s Smart Response suggestions to automate publishing.

  • Streamline workflow by automating message routing to appropriate teams and employees.

  • Plan, publish and measure the performance of branded content efficiently across more than 35 digital channels.

  • Enable cross-team collaboration by channelling all engagement through a single, unified solution.

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