The only Unified-CXM platform powered by industry-leading AI.

As the first platform purpose-built for unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) and trusted by the enterprise, Sprinklr’s industry-leading AI and powerful Care, Marketing, Research and Engagement solutions enable the world’s top brands to learn about their customers, understand the marketplace, and reach, engage and serve customers on all channels to drive business growth.

9 out of the top 10 most valuable brands trust Sprinklr.

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'Before, when everything was so siloed, it was impossible to centralise our data in one place or understand what was happening from a social standpoint across the industry. Now that we have Sprinklr, it’s provided that transparency and efficiency we lacked before.'

Brittany Neish

Sr Social Strategist

No one else can manage 35+ digital channels.

Traditionally, brands have adopted point solutions to manage segments of the customer journey. In isolation, these may work — but they rarely work collaboratively, even when vendors build “Frankenstacks” of disconnected products. These solutions can’t deliver a 360° view of the customer, and often reinforce departmental silos. All of which creates point solution chaos.

Sprinklr’s approach is fundamentally different. We’re the world’s only Unified-CXM platform — and the way out of point solution chaos.

A single-codebase architecture means a single source of truth

Unified-CXM gives your entire organisation access to consistent data — helping teams work in sync to build personalised customer experiences.

Industry-leading AI across 60+ verticals

Leverage the world’s most advanced AI engine to tap into conversations and data across 35+ digital and social channels — and surface actionable insights that drive better strategies.

Purpose-built for the enterprise with 4 fully unified product suites

Only Sprinklr gives the full enterprise access to data, insights and features powered by a single, shared platform — so they can create seamless omnichannel customer experiences.

We built Sprinklr from the ground up as a platform-first solution, designed to evolve and grow with the rapid expansion of digital channels and applications. The result? Faster innovation. Stronger performance. And a future-proof strategy for customer engagement on an enterprise scale.

60+ verticals. Thousands of specialised AI models.

For more than a decade, Sprinklr has built custom AI models across industries — and today, our Unified-CXM platform is fuelled by the industry’s most sophisticated AI engine.

We handle unstructured and structured data on a massive scale, ingesting petabytes of data and capturing over 500 million conversations across both public channels and our customers’ private networks, spanning text, images, video, audio and time series data.

Then we transform this raw data into actionable insights for your brand, analysing it to make 10 billion AI predictions every day, tracking over 35,000 brands and influencers, handling over 15 million monthly customer cases and managing over 2 billion profiles across all digital channels. No other vendor can match these capabilities.

Group 2747

10 billion

daily AI predictions

100+ languages



brands and influencers tracked

1250+ AI models

for rapid deployment

Ensure governance with 800+ role-based permissions.

Managing complex workflows on an enterprise scale is always a significant challenge — but Sprinklr’s governance capabilities put you fully in control. Our Unified-CXM platform empowers you to track every action across all channels, adjust workflows as needed, and define user roles with adjustable views and permissions. We ensure your peace of mind by ensuring your accounts always stay secure.


Generate tangible ROI in as little as 2 days.

With flexible, scalable architecture and highly verticalised, pre-built AI models, Sprinklr empowers enterprises to move from planning to production in as little as two days. Starting on day one, enterprises have access to Sprinklr’s proprietary Value Realisation Dashboards, which are custom-built to enable value realisation in real-time.

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Save 35+% on average.

By shifting from siloed point solutions to Sprinklr’s unified approach, brands can create better experiences for consumers across all channels; enable cross-team collaboration across the entire enterprise; and — through consolidation on the world’s only Unified-CXM platform — save an average of 35%.


The industry’s most comprehensive security framework.

Sprinklr’s relentless commitment to ensuring the highest standards of security translates directly into enterprise-grade governance and compliance, immediately deployable across your entire organisation:
  • Certification in AICPA SOC I and SOC II

  • PCI-compliant security framework

  • Data privacy measures that meet all GDPR and CCPA requirements

  • FedRAMP-ready status

  • 800+ granular, role-based access permissions

  • Two-Factor Authentication

  • SSO integration

  • Full content review and approval processes

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One unified platform. Four powerful product suites.

Marketecture infographic displaying Sprinklr's four product suites, Sprinklr Insights, Sprinklr Service, Sprinklr Marketing, and Sprinklr Social, and how they work together to unify functions in a Unified-CXM modelMarketecture infographic displaying Sprinklr's four product suites, Sprinklr Insights, Sprinklr Service, Sprinklr Marketing, and Sprinklr Social, and how they work together to unify functions in a Unified-CXM modelMarketecture infographic displaying Sprinklr's four product suites, Sprinklr Insights, Sprinklr Service, Sprinklr Marketing, and Sprinklr Social, and how they work together to unify functions in a Unified-CXM model

Our product suites work together seamlessly to help the world’s leading brands manage all stages of the customer journey on a single Unified-CXM platform:

Sprinklr Insights

We help you make customer-centricity a reality by interpreting consumer data at scale, identifying opportunities and giving you the insights to build smarter strategies.

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Sprinklr Service

Redefine customer service as a proactive, digital-first experience by engaging with customers earlier on their channels of choice and scaling service with a human touch.

Sprinklr Marketing

Transform social media from a conversation into a revenue driver by building content that delivers personalised experiences at scale – while keeping costs under control.

Sprinklr Social

Know when, where and how to connect with customers on their native digital channels – and protect your brand reputation at every touchpoint.

Unrivalled industry leadership and innovation.

Sprinklr is the only platform to be recognised for delivering such a broad spectrum of expertise:

The Forrester Wave™
Gartner Magic Quadrant - Conversational AI

Social Listening Platforms, Q4 2020

The Forrester Wave™
Forrester Wave report card for Social Suites, Q3 2021

Social Suites, Q3 2021

GartnerⓇ Magic Quadrant™
Gartner CMP

Content Marketing Platforms, 2022

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