Sprinklr Marketing Cloud

Marketing software for a new world of business.

What they say matters more than what you say.

Informed by the Internet, connected by mobile, and empowered by social, billions of customers have discovered they have a voice. A powerful one.

Marketing is no longer just about what the brand has to say. It’s what customers say that matters most. And what customers choose to say is shaped by one key factor: their experience – the sum of how they feel across each interaction with your brand.

Managing that experience completely, consistently, and successfully is today’s biggest challenge and opportunity.


Manage campaign collaboration in one centralized environment.

What’s included in the Sprinklr Marketing Cloud?

Content Marketing

Plan, produce, publish, collaborate, and measure – all on a single platform.


Advocacy Marketing

Empower your biggest fans, including your employees, to amplify your brand’s story.


Influencer Marketing

Identify, understand, and engage those who drive the conversation.


Core Platform

Sprinklr’s Social Experience Core is the foundation of successful customer experience management.


Plan. Create. Activate. All in one platform.

A marketing platform for the social world.

Remove the challenges of disjointed tools, systems, processes, and reporting. The Sprinklr Marketing Cloud helps you provide great customer experiences across every touchpoint. Omnichannel campaign management, influencer identification, and strategic advocacy engagement are unified – empowering your internal teams and agency partners to collaborate and execute seamlessly.

  • Increase content reach, effectiveness, and reuse with global content planning and production capabilities.
  • Implement brand governance through automated approvals, standardized workflows, and actionable dashboards.
  • Bring together strategy, planning, and execution into one platform for a bird’s-eye view of all campaigns.
  • Unite teams across the marketing department and around the globe – including leadership, creative, and agencies – through flexible workflows.
  • Identify and activate brand advocates, including your own employees, to amplify your message and source user-generated content.

Your audiences now have ultimate power. See how CMO’s are adapting.