Understand your customers and
engage them in experiences that matter

Sprinklr Platform

Customers have more digital channels than ever.
To deliver better customer experiences, businesses must collaboratively engage with each of their customers across channels, teams, business units, and regions.

Sprinklr is a social engagement platform that unites customer-facing teams to create better, personal experiences.


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Collaboration is often limited because different teams use different tools to engage with customers. Sprinklr offers end-to-end functionality–from listening to moderation to advertising to analytics, and more. For all customer-facing teams to work together from the same virtual workspace.


The Sprinklr platform is built on a single code base, so everything is made to work together. Reporting, for example, is a grueling task when lining up metrics and switching screens across many disjointed tools. But when data is unified across all of social, analytics can actually lead to insight and improve the business.


Sprinklr is an open platform that connects to systems the enterprise already uses, like Marketo, Salesforce, Nexgate, and more. The uniquely flexible architecture supports thousands of users and dozens of incredibly complex social channels. An external API is even available for customers and developers to build applications.