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How AI can make your contact center’s routing strategy more efficient

Wendy Mikkelsen

December 13, 20213 min read

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When a customer contacts your business for help, that person expects a resolution quickly, and without too much effort on their part.

Every agent hand-off that follows increases the amount of time and effort the customer spends trying to resolve their issue. And if the next agent lacks sufficient details about the ongoing conversation (and so does the next agent, and the next agent), this process also disrupts continuity for the customer — increasing their level of frustration and eroding their trust in your business with every transfer.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to improve this experience for customers — by saving them time and making them feel heard.

Efficient routing is critical to your customer experience

Each transfer extends the amount of time your customer has to spend resolving their issue, and creates an opportunity for them to give up on the conversation, feeling frustrated and unsatisfied. 

It also carries with it the risk that the next agent won’t receive the full context of the customer’s previous conversations. The customer may have to repeat their issue, and possibly important details from the conversation they had prior to the transfer. They may even need to provide basic personal information again. 

So the first step you should take to improve your contact center customer experience is: 

Reduce multiple transfers between agents

It’s critical that your customer service organization route customer issues to the right agents and queues — the first time. A good KPI to track as you take steps to reduce transfers between agents is your first contact resolution rate. First contact resolution (FCR) is an important metric which reflects a contact center’s ability to resolve a customer’s issue the first time they reach out.

The higher your first contact resolution, the more your customers tend to be satisfied with your business — leading ultimately to increased loyalty and a better customer satisfaction (CSAT) score.

The more experience an agent has with a customer’s specific issue or temperament, the greater the chances that they will be able to resolve the issue without having to transfer them to another agent. This leads us to the second step:

Use data to increase personalization at the customer service level

80% of customers are more likely to make a purchase when businesses offer personalized experiences (Epsilon research). And one of the most important requirements for personalization is data. 

Because contact centers handle customer interactions across various channels, each additional channel should serve as an additional data source — and an opportunity to provide personalized customer service. With so much relevant data available, your organization should make the effort to enrich your customer profiles every time they contact you, and connect them to a relevant agent who can provide the right personalized experience along with the resolution.

Traditional routing mechanisms pair customers with agents through skills-based or queue-based logic. They do not take into account the behavioral traits of the agent, customer profile, or past conversational history. The resulting pairing is often not the most efficient or productive one. 

This is where AI comes in. AI can identify those subtle, valuable patterns by parsing billions of historical customer service interactions to intelligently pair customers and agents.

To learn more about the benefits that AI can bring to your contact center — and what to look for when choosing a smart routing solution for your business — download our ebook How to Resolve Issues Faster with the Right AI-Powered Routing Strategy.

Find out how Sprinklr Modern Care automates contact center workflows and processes, making it easy for businesses to provide personalized interactions and resolve customer issues efficiently.

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