SocialAsset Manager

Conquer chaos by storing and organizing content using digital asset manager

Effortlessly create, organize, edit and publish assets from a central location using Sprinklr’s built-in asset manager
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Seamless Organization and Accessibility

Eliminate scattered files and folders and get easy control and access over your assets

Seamlessly organize files to create a structured and intuitive file organization system that aligns with your workflow
Seamless Organization and Accessibility

Intuitive Organisation

All-in-One Asset Support

Hierarchical Foldering

Effortlessly organize and locate your files

Tailor your file organisation to match your workflow seamlessly by using folders and subfolders to organise them according to your workflows

Intuitive Organisation

Customized Consumption

Deliver personalized experiences with customized asset consumption

Tailor your content for different users/teams, audiences and touch points using asset level customization


Customize & create dynamic views

Apply different combinations of filters and save them into dynamic views for easier consumption


Consume only relevant information

Consume only relevant information
Toggle on asset properties that will be visible to consume only information that is relevant to you

List & Grid View

Easily switch between list & grid view of assets

List & Grid View
Use the grid view to consume content visually and list view when volume of assets is high

One click Integrations

Convenient one-point asset access

Access and import assets from integrated platforms effortlessly, empowering you to manage and publish content seamlessly

Google Drive
Convenient One-Point
Asset Access

Collaborate with Ease

Empower teams to collaborate seamlessly

Fostering a culture of feedback & collaboration using simplified approvals, tasks, notes & comments
Collaborate on contentTake notes, write comments, and tag users to delegate responsibilities directly on assets, facilitating effective teamwork and streamlined communication
Media attachments supported
Mention platform users to alert them
Receive Email & platform priority Notifications
Collaborate on Content
Asset approval workflowsEstablish clear approval processes and workflows to maintain quality control and accountability
Collaborate across teams through multi-step Approvals
See full audit trail of Approvals
Restrict Publishing of non-compliant content
Asset Approval Workflows

Content Management & Visualization

Ensure brand consistency with simplified asset editing

Enhance and customize your visuals effortlessly, saving time and ensuring brand consistency

Asset Versioning

Keep track of all content and revisions

With every replacement or update made to an asset, a new version is saved, allowing you to easily track and restore any previous versions
Asset Versioning

Inbuilt Image editing

Customize content for every platform using image editor

Perform platform specific cropping, apply image filters, add shapes & text with the inbuilt image editor
Inbuilt Image editing

Governance & Compliance

Minimize unauthorized asset usage

Maintain brand compliance, consistency and control over assets, reinforcing /n your brand identity and protecting your reputation with Governance

Approved Assets Publishing

Ensure only brand compliant content goes live

Restrict the publishing of assets that are in the approval or rejected status
Approved Assets Publishing

Save Local Uploads

Eliminate the risk of losing valuable local content

Enable auto-saving assets uploaded from user locale during publishing
Save Local Uploads

Asset Insights

Gain valuable insights into what content resonates best with your audience

Understand asset performance & make data-driven decisions and continuously improve content performance for better outcomes

Asset Insights

Unify your social media strategy with the most advanced platform 

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