Engage & respond with consistency using smart inbox

Unify your social channels into a single inbox view to monitor incoming messages, foster conversations and respond to your audience quickly

Multi-Platform management

Manage all your customer interactions in one place

Connect with your audience on their preferred platforms with ease and consistency
Multi-Platform management

10+ Platforms

Engage Better

Holistic Coverage

Reply & engage across 10+ channels

Respond and engage effortlessly on 10+ channels, ensuring consistent brand presence wherever your audience is

10+ Platforms

Intelligent Prioritisation

Identify trends & efficiently prioritize audience messages

Effortlessly enhance audience engagement with AI-based sentiment & engage-ability tagging

Intelligent Prioritisation Media

Robust Reply Box

Empower your team with a feature-rich reply box

A reply box inbuilt with surveys, emojis, GIFs, media support, and message type switching

Inbuilt Surveys

Gather feedback or collect valuable insights directly

Inbuilt Surveys

Emojis & GIFs

Enhance engagement and convey emotions effectively

Emojis & GIFs

Switch Response Types

Seamlessly switch between different message types

Switch Response Types

Sprinklr AI+

Smarter & faster response management with Sprinklr AI+

Reword and simplify responses, modify length and tone, translate to multiple languages, and maintain quality with grammar check by leveraging AI

Language Enhancement

Elevate your communication effortlessly

rewording, spell-checking, tone modification, and simplification, empower you to craft compelling messages with precision
Language Enhancement


Break language barriers, expand global reach

expand your global reach, engage with diverse audiences, and foster meaningful multilingual conversations

360 Context

Access 360-degree context on messages & contacts

Empowering your team to deliver personalized and contextualised interactions

Message & Contact Insights

Valuable information about messages and contacts

Store relevant data in comprehensive default and custom fields-properties
Message & Contact Insights

Profile History

Delve into entire conversation history of contacts

Understand their preferences, previous interactions, and past issues, resulting in more informed and relevant responses
Profile History

Seamless Collaboration

Collaborate to approve, act, and respond swiftly

Put messages for approval, take instant actions, and respond with pre-defined, customizable responses
Seamless CollaborationSeamless CollaborationSeamless Collaboration

Message Approvals

Quick Actions

Canned Responses

Streamlined approvals for consistent messaging and maintaining brand integrity

Efficiently collaborate and review messages, empowering your team to make informed decisions and deliver cohesive communications

Message Approvals

Actionable Insights

📈 Measure the effectiveness of your engagement efforts with comprehensive performance reports

Track volumes, customer satisfaction, and team productivity, enabling continuous improvement

Actionable Insights

Trusted by the world’s biggest brands

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Sprinklr is the foundation of our social media strategy. It is our backbone.

Marc DuquesnoySocial Media Performance DirectorL'Oréal
Group 1000003529

Sprinklr allowed the team to scale its social program to better understand customers and prospects, connect social to real-life experiences, and make the brand more recognizable around the world.

Erin McGeeSocial Media ManagerSAP

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