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🚀 Seamlessly Publish and distribute your content across 8+ platforms, including Facebook, X, formerly Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram

Seamlessly publish and distribute your content across 8+ platforms, including Facebook, X, formerly Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram
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Multi Channel management

♠️ Stay Ahead in an increasingly Competitive Digital Landscape

Maximize your brand's reach and visibility by empowering your team to effectively publish diverse post types across 8+ Platforms.

8+ Platforms

Optimised Content

Platform Specific Options

Leverage the nuances of each Platform to your Advantage

Publish across 8+ social platform simultaneously with platform-compliant content.

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Sprinklr AI+

💡 Fuel Social Content Excellence with AI-driven Ideation

Say Goodbye to blank slate dilemma and Time-consuming Brainstorming Sessions with Sprinklr’s AI-driven Content Ideation & Curation powered by ChatGPT.

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Content Management & Visualization

🎆 Create & Visualize Stunning Content with Ease

Achieve Picture-perfect Results by leveraging Sprinklr’s Realistic previews and Inbuilt Asset Manager

Asset Manager

Save time and hassle with Inbuilt Content Manager

Effortlessly organize, categorize, and access your assets with our robust content management system
Asset Manager

Mobile And Desktop Realistic Previews

Visualise Content with Platform & Device Realistic Previews

See exactly how your content will appear on different devices and platforms before hitting on publish.
Mobile and Desktop Realistic Previews

Strategic Scheduling

🚀 Reduce the Guesswork and Maximize the Reach and Impact of Your Content

Harness the power of advanced AI scheduling features to optimize the distribution of your social media content

Publishing Queues

Save time Scheduling with Publishing Queues

Publish automatically on pre-configured slots, saving time and ensuring streamlined distribution of content that isn't time-sensitive
Publishing Queues

Smart Scheduling

Maximize Reach with AI powered smart Scheduling

Take the guesswork out of your publishing by using aI powered recommendations on best times to schedule content
Smart Scheduling

Customisable Publishing Workflows

🚀 Streamline Your Publishing Workflows for Optimal Control and Performance

Experience seamless customization in your publishing workflows

Publishing Properties

Organize and Optimise Post Workflows

Customize your workflows by selecting approval workflows, tags, associating them with specific campaigns, and utilizing custom fields.
Publishing Properties

Account Groups

Save Time and Effort in Handling Social Accounts

Group accounts for quick and easy publishing, filtering, permissions access, and performance tracking.
Account Groups

Link Shortening

Get Rid of Ugly URL’s to Increase your CTR

Increase click-through rates, gain valuable insights into the performance of your shared links & optimize character limits.
Link Shortening

Brand Compliance

🛡 Govern, Streamline & Safeguard your Brand’s Reputation

Preserve Brand Integrity with Consistent Messaging and Regulatory Governance

Compliant Images

Pause All Posts

Account Permissions

Ensure Brand Compliance by Gating only Approved Media during Publishing

Streamline media approvals for consistent messaging and maintaining brand integrity.

2 Complaint Images

Holistic Social Presence Analysis

📈 Assess the Impact of your Social Media Activities with
Comprehensive Social Performance Reports

Pull reports from X, formerly Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Tiktok and analyse how your brand is performing.

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Trusted by the world’s biggest brands

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Sprinklr is the foundation of our social media strategy. It is our backbone.

Marc DuquesnoySocial Media Performance DirectorL'Oréal
Group 1000003529

Sprinklr allowed the team to scale its social program to better understand customers and prospects, connect social to real-life experiences, and make the brand more recognizable around the world.

Erin McGeeSocial Media ManagerSAP

Unify your social media strategy with the most advanced platform 

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