Social Care

Serve and know your customers anytime, anywhere.

A crucial component of the modern enterprise.

Customers can interact with a brand however they please, whether it’s in person, over the phone, or – most likely – on social media. And at a time when service can make the difference between a loyal customer and a viral complaint on social, strong customer care is no longer a nice feature – it’s necessary for survival.

Respond to customers in realtime without sacrificing context.

Help customers, drive better results.

With Sprinklr Social Care, you can manage social media customer service, improve customer retention, and increase positive engagement. Field customer inquiries on the channels they prefer, and stay equipped to solve problems quickly and thoroughly.

Go beyond the help desk.

  • See a customer’s activity history across social channels, allowing you to fully understand their needs.
  • Create consistent customer experiences across all channels.
  • Route customers to the most appropriate service channel, based on the nature of their inquiry.
  • Better understand the customer lifecycle in order to provide seamless interactions at every turn.
  • Measure the quality of every service interaction; take feedback and use it to diagnose and solve problem areas.
  • Identify brand advocates and promoters through survey data.


Gain critical insights from your customers through customizable surveys.

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