Customer-first solutions for your front-office


Great customer experience requires a new approach to every front-office function. Sprinklr solutions help you reimagine the customer experience at every touchpoint.


Achieve enduring brand love

Marketing has grown from static broadcasts to fluid conversations.

Often the most impactful marketing touchpoints aren’t from an email blast or 30 second spot but from the authentic chats occurring between customers. Brands need a way to facilitate those C2C (consumer to consumer) conversations and be more human with their marketing campaigns. To achieve that customer loyalty and enduring brand love brands need to be authentic, relevant, and impactful across B2C, B2B, and C2C marketing campaigns.

Sprinklr’s marketing solutions help you connect to and engage with your customers in conversations and experiences that matter to them.

Content Marketing

Deliver the right content at the right time.

Great content marketing requires a constant stream of share-worthy content produced at the right time and delivered to the right audience. But technology hinders effective content marketing at most large enterprises. Separate teams use single-purpose tools creating silos that hurts efficiency, collaboration, and the ability to be strategic.

Sprinklr’s Content Marketing Solution empowers your teams to plan, create, and publish the best content across channels with the collaboration and governance required by global enterprises.

When you use relevant and personalized content to engage customers in new ways, your brand will be able to achieve enduring brand love among its customers.


Crisis Management

Defend your brand

Detect and mitigate any crisis with centralized, strategic tools

Brands must consider social media as part of their crisis management plan. If a crisis happened today, how would your brand appear on social media, where conversations go viral in minutes? Moreover, how can brands utilize social media as an opportunity to proactively protect their brand reputation?

For stewards of the corporate brand, Sprinklr’s crisis management package empowers you to leverage social media as a powerful opportunity – instead of a reactive threat – when managing crises.

In the midst of a crisis, your Sprinklr crisis dashboard gives you the power to analyze virality, track conversation velocity, and locate geographic hotspots. The triggers you define are activated to automatically escalate social conversations, manage on-brand responses, and rally advocates. Instead of relying on disconnected solutions, Sprinklr’s crisis management package offers a centralized, strategic line of attack to put brands in the driver’s seat of managing crises.


Social Customer Engagement and Experience

Really get to know your customers

Improve the customer experience through unified customer insights and personalized engagement.

It’s not easy to prioritize, route, and respond to a massive number of daily conversations spread across fragmented social channels. But that’s exactly what brands are expected to do. When consumers reach out and attempt to engage in conversation, they demand real-time acknowledgement and service – no matter where the conversation falls in the social sphere.

For large enterprises, the volume of audience engagement and relevant content is simply too big and moves too fast to manage manually. Companies that can’t successfully monitor, engage, and understand social audiences at scale miss valuable opportunities to build visibility and loyalty. Businesses need a platform to moderate and automate interactions so they can offer experiences that consumers expect.

Our Social Customer Engagement and Experience solution gives your teams the tools they need to easily moderate high volumes of daily conversations in a personal way. You can monitor and filter incoming social conversations in real time through shareable dashboards. You can automatically route, tag, and assign messages as they come in. And you’re able to instantly access user profiles and conversations to add context and depth to every interaction.

The result is a targeted brand experience that audiences have come to expect- every time.


Event Marketing

Put attendees in the spotlight

Create more engaging and impactful event experiences through a mixture of analytics, engagement, and visualizations.

Marketing events often fall flat due to a lack of engaging and insightful experiences for attendees. The event fails to tap into the energy of conference-goers and to capture trends that drive conversations. Most importantly they don’t get attendees to engage with the brand in meaningful ways. Brands need ways to create customer experiences that are relevant, impactful, and visually engaging.

With our Event Marketing Solution you can automatically listen, aggregate, and present the social data attendees care about in a way that is visually engaging and aligned with your brand. You can display the best and most engaging conversations – putting attendees in the spotlight to drive higher event participation. With our solution, you’ll go from being just another sponsor to being the key driver of insights and conversations at your next event.



Mobilize your most valuable assets

We all know a glowing movie recommendation from a friend or a 5 star product review from a stranger is way more impactful than that 30 second ad or marketing email. Customers trust each other more than they trust brands. Simple as that. Having your loyal customers and employees, your advocates, share their brand love is one of the most authentic and impactful ways of engaging with your audiences. Those advocates need a place to gather and share all the things they love about your brand.



Integrated, Smart Social & Digital Care

Social Care

Deliver personalized, proactive, and pain-free customer service to the digital-first customer

Monitor and engage with customers to deliver optimized social customer service at a global scale.

Your customers are talking about you, asking for help, and providing feedback. Many companies have been partially or completely ignoring these customers that have moved to social media to voice their concerns. Customer service teams often don’t have the strategy, processes, or tools to properly discover and resolve these customers’ issues. Social media conversations are also a wealth of valuable insights, like top customer issues and most requested features, that often go undetected instead of improving the business.

A social care solution must scale, supporting multiple channels and even detecting issues with no @mention or hashtag. It must generate insights, producing a more complete view of customers and their needs. It must be intelligent to help prioritize, route, and categorize messages for resolution. It must be automated to reduce the need for repetitive tasks and drive efficiency. It must be instrumented to easily view SLAs, KPIs, and other customer service metrics. Finally, it must be secure to ensure privacy for your customers and regulatory compliance.

Sprinklr’s Social Care solution helps brands reduce the cost of delivering superior customer service while increasing customer satisfaction.



Personalize Your Ad Moments

Insights Advertising

Conversation Driven Ad Targeting

Uncover real-time insights and buy into relevant ad moments with the right message, to the right audience, on the right channel.

The volume, context, and sentiment of online conversations offer a depth of knowledge on what your customers care about. These insights are invaluable when it comes to knowing how to create and deliver advertising messages that speak to your audience.

Take advantage of the thousands of conversations happening daily. Inform content strategy, create sophisticated targeting approaches, and reach your customers knowing what will resonate with them. Connecting social listening data to your paid social efforts powers an enhanced approach to highly relevant advertising.


Audience Activation

Truly Know Your Customer

Take advantage of existing customer data to intelligently reach audiences with highly relevant ads.

Build a holistic view of your customers by centralizing data and breaking down siloed processes. Unify customer information in a secure manner and dynamically build custom audiences that seamlessly integrate with social channels.

Activate your audience segments and take highly personalized action through paid and owned media in the same platform your data lives. Leverage listening data and act on earned engagements with personalized messages, to the right people, at the right time, in the right channel and create experiences that leave lasting impressions.


Research and Analytics

Uncover the right data points and insights to bolster your research

Brand & Market Intelligence

Gain a complete view into the topics, influencers, and tactics driving the market

Tap into the collected intelligence of the social landscape to inform brand, product, and engagement strategy

Your brand and competitors are the topic of discussion across digital channels, including your own social pages. These discussions provide color to your qualitative research efforts, giving you a rich data playground to form hypotheses, sharpen personas and validate survey findings. It also quantifies the impact of market trends and brand strategy.

From product development to corporate communications, every department relies on your research. They don’t just need data points, they also require rapid insight from available data.
Through social listening and analytics, Sprinklr personalizes your user personas, reveals conversations and opinions about your brand, and makes trends more tangible.


Competitive Intelligence

Build a holistic view of the competition

The social media landscape is complex and increasingly demanding for marketing teams. To stay competitive, brands need to know how they stack up against others on more than just volume of brand mentions: they need to know the instant competitors shift strategy, increasing content, engagement, or changing topics.

Get deeper, more actionable, in-the-moment competitive intelligence. Monitor when competitors publish social content, how their audiences respond, and key characteristics of top-performing content against other best-in-class brands. With Sprinklr, brands decode competitor’s social strategy and share intelligence with other teams across their organization in an instant. And with years of public data at your fingertips, reports are more immediate and contextually accurate than before.