Sprinklr Care Cloud

Care is the new marketing.

Care is the new marketing.

In this new world, the way you care for your customers determines what they say about you. And what they say about you matters now more than ever.

But with customers moving across more channels more quickly than ever before – individuals whose history with your brand is incredibly nuanced and complex – even the smallest mishap can create a PR nightmare.

Brands need an innovative way to help customers on the channels they prefer, manage service interactions at scale, and turn care into a powerful marketing engine.


Interact with other care agents in realtime to assign cases, chat, check availability.

What’s included in the Sprinklr Care Cloud?

Social Care

Engage with customers across digital channels, contextualize the conversation, gain customer insights through Sprinklr Surveys, and turn customer “cases” into personal relationships.


Community Care

Empower customers to engage with one another and learn from their peers. This product is in limited availability. For more information, set up a demo or talk to your account team today.


Core Platform

Sprinklr’s Social Experience Core is the foundation of successful customer experience management.


Take better care of your customers – at every turn.

The Sprinklr Care Cloud

Empowers brands to turn customer care from a cost center into a competitive advantage.

  • Serve customers on the channels they prefer – anywhere, anytime.
  • Gain a holistic view of customers to provide the most helpful, personalized level of care possible.
  • Survey customers after digital interactions to better understand how customers feel about your brand care.
  • Increase revenue by making customers happy and growing brand loyalty.
  • Identify brand advocates and empower them to promote the brand story organically.

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