Creating a Life Centricity Strategy with Accenture, Adobe & Sprinklr

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April 10, 20234 min read

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This content was originally published by Accenture's Rob Harles on his LinkedIn

What if every brand communication you received felt like a handmade card? What if brands took into account the whole picture of your life, and understood that your needs changed throughout the day/week/month? This type of marketing is what Accenture calls life centricity. 

Taking a life-centric approach is wishful thinking for many marketers, but it’s possible with the dream team: Accenture Song + Sprinklr + Adobe. 

Accenture Song is partnering with Adobe and Sprinklr to help brands follow Accenture’s five key plays to help leaders develop a life-centric strategy and achieve growth through relevance.

Play #1: Gain a profound understanding of people. 

Today, many companies are missing the complete customer view. They see customers as “buyers” with a static persona. You are an engineer. You are a mom. You are living in a city. These are small slices of your life. 

Instead of oversimplifying customers, life centricity means seeing customers as multi-dimensional through dynamic data. How is this possible? With advanced artificial intelligence, qualitative and quantitative research, and ethnography – companies can create dynamic customer segments. 

The Adobe CDP based on structured data from traditional channels combined with Sprinklr’s Unified-CXM platform based on unstructured data from digital channels provides brands with a more complete view and broader set of insights to make decisions.

Play #2: Broaden your canvas for value creation. 

Research is proving that consumers are looking to buy from purpose-driven brands. According to Accenture’s survey of 30,000 consumers, 62% want companies to take a stand on current and broadly relevant issues like sustainability, transparency or fair employment practices. The closer a company’s purpose aligns to their own beliefs, the better.

Winning brands understand the values that matter to consumers and broaden their mission to authentically support relevant social, environmental, and economic issues. 

Play #3: Creatively transcend industry norms. 

In the past, many companies would define themselves by their industry. Being an “industry leader” was a coveted accolade, and targeting customers directly interested in your industry offerings was essential. 

The problem with being defined by one industry is that it limits a company’s reach. It’s not what customers care about when they are looking to purchase a product or service. Customers don’t see industry lines the same way companies do. 

For example, Airbnb expanded from just offering vacation homes to providing Experiences that guests can book during their stay, and offering all-inclusive guided trips. They see themselves as competition not only for hotels, but for any travel company. 

Play #4: Design a delightful experience continuum. 

Disconnected departments and technology often leads to an overcomplicated, disappointing customer experience. Sprinklr built its unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform with the goal of tackling this challenge. Sprinklr saw that companies were buying different technology solutions for each customer-facing department -- resulting in siloed employees with no clear customer view. This overcomplicates the experience for the user, and it's what Accenture calls a “complexity tax.” 

We believe that taking a life-centric approach to eliminating the complexity tax means connecting each customer-facing function on a single data and experience platform. 

Play #5: Build a fluid operation across functions. 

Once you bring disconnected departments together, how do you make them efficient? Automation and advanced AI. A life-centric approach is about better understanding the needs of employees in order to boost productivity and profitability. 

Unifying AI-driven workflow systems and platforms, companies can create efficiencies needed to drive innovation. For example, companies can leverage Adobe and Sprinklr together for more seamless omnichannel marketing campaigns. Adobe with its best-in-class platform can deliver the best traditional outbound marketing campaigns while Sprinklr can do the same for social and inbound marketing activities. 

Connect with Accenture & Sprinklr at the Adobe Summit 2023 

Businesses that embrace life centricity are likely to outperform peers on revenue growth by nine percentage points annually. Using the five plays as a guide to developing a life centricity strategy will help companies uncover growth opportunities even in the midst of unpredictable business environments. 

To learn more about life centricity, connect with Accenture and Sprinklr at the Adobe Summit 2023, March 21-23 in Las Vegas:

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