Unveiling Sprinklr’s new editorial series 'CX-Wise.' Let’s go beyond the script.

Pooja Sriram

April 12, 20239 min read

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In a world where running a business isn’t simply competitive but more like entering a warzone, it’s not enough to just have a cool brand. No, if you want to one-up your opponents, your recipe needs that added zing. And there’s no doubt that epic customer service is that special something — that secret sauce. Why, some would even say that customer experience (CX) is just as important as your brand!

I mean, think about it. When customers have so many options and can order just about anything online, it’s a no-brainer that businesses need to put their backs into making them feel valued and appreciated.

Can’t take our word for it? Okay. Imagine you’re itching for a caffeine fix, and you stumble upon two splendid coffee shops. One has a flashy name and logo, but the other has a friendly staff that always remembers your go-to order and makes you feel like you’re a VIP. Which one would you choose?

See what I mean?

At Sprinklr, we've never been content with just playing by the rules; we’ve always been all about redefining the customer experience game itself. Our unified platform stretches across many different touchpoints, and now we've stepped on the gas with our CCaaS offering that takes this unified experience to the next level!

Our mission? It’s to help you become a total CX rockstar! Do you hear that power chord of the electric guitar yet? We’re talking tried-and-true strategies, sharing real-world tips (which actually work), connecting you with other like-minded folks from the community and stoking the flames of inspiration with success stories! Oh, and did we mention that you get to learn from the best of the best in the biz?

So, if you feel that your CX game hasn’t been working out quite right, get ready for the complete package. It’s for professionals who are devoted — no — obsessed with their customers that we unveil the very first edition of our brand-new editorial series, ‘CX-Wise’. It’s time to step outside the gameboard; it’s time to go beyond the script!

Table of Contents

Do you really need yet another editorial series for the customer service industry?

All right, all right. Let’s address the elephant in the room first, then. Don’t customer service folks already have enough to consume? From FAQ to scripts to product documentation and yadda yadda. So, why should you consume more?

Fair enough. But ask yourself another thing: Aren’t you tired of reading long, windy and corporate-y articles endlessly with very little to actually take away from them? How about the fact that the content isn’t specific to the real problems you face on the ground?

So that your time and needs are given the proper respect they deserve, we’ve packed value into each and every section of this hyperfocused series. Here, you don’t need to subscribe to multiple newsletters of various CX experts. And yes, we don’t want to add to the clutter of your inbox, so we’re curating the wisdom of these veterans before we pass it on to you.

Read our CX Diaries to set sail down memory lane with tales that resonate with your own stories of customer delight. And if reading isn’t your thing, you can simply tune in to a free-flowing conversation on the CX-Wise podcast, where our host asks the questions that always made you pace furiously from wall to wall. After all, even the wise are always looking to get wiser!

Triptych AE 01

With this series, we’re trying to look at things from your point of view. And if you’re going, “How would you know what I think?” Well, tell us then. We’d love it if you contributed, too!

We want to give you the practical, relevant advice that you are looking for, instead of just mashing up a bunch of random tips that won’t do the trick in the real world. We want to go beyond the script and become the voice of the front lines. And we hope you just give us a chance.

An editorial series to raise the bar for customer service & beyond!

Let’s explore CX-Wise

If you whispered to yourself, “So, what am I looking at?”

Well, we've basically got you covered CX-wise (pun intended) with five different segments: the CX-Wise podcast, CX Diaries, Words to the Wise, Raise the CX Bar and CX Simplified. And, no, their powers don’t combine to give you Captain Planet. Together, they make up your one-stop editorial shop for all things CX. So, make sure you swing by to stock up on your CX essentials.

CX-Wise — The podcast that looks into a CX expert’s experiences

You just have to check out the CX-Wise podcast! It's the star of our editorial show, and it's jam-packed with insights from the who’s who of the industry. We're talking New York Times best-selling author and customer service guru Shep Hyken; digital transformation pro Howard Tiersky; and CX coach Dan Gingiss — and that's just the tip of the iceberg!

Hosted by Sprinklr's very own global director of brand content, Nathan Bennett, this podcast is all about helping you create a customer-centric culture so your brand can deliver world-class service. To top it off, Nathan brings his own expertise and sizzle to the table. His conversations with our guests are always candid, and boy, are they witty. You can find this podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and all other major platforms.

Listen to the first episode right away!

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CX Diaries — Real talk by friction fighters to inspire you

Are you tired of hearing about negative customer experiences all the time? Then CX Diaries is a must-read! This section of CX-Wise is all about celebrating the real-life stories of agents who went above and beyond to delight their customers. We want to inspire and show you that you are not alone — other agents have faced the same challenges and come out on top! Our goal, here, is to create a platform where positive customer experiences from an agent's perspective can shine. Trust us, we'll shout your stories from the rooftops and help bring a more positive outlook to the industry. We said it before and we’re saying it again: we're all about being the voice of the front lines!

Now, we don’t have a spare Mariah Carey or Adele lying around, so do help amplify that voice by sharing your story, and get featured in the next edition of CX-Wise!

Words to the Wise — Practical advice for anyone who “cares”

Do you see yourself as a hustler, do-er or champion in the customer experience industry? Then this section of CX-Wise is perfect for you!

We know that you face unique problems every single day, so we've put together a collection of insider tips and unique solutions that have one hundred percent, certifiably worked for others in the industry. What’s more, we've got some amazing guest speakers lined up, too, like Sally Mildren, who talks about building a happier workforce and how it affects customer satisfaction, and Vincent Washington, who provides a deep dive into achieving career success in CX.

We've got practical tips on everything from meeting and exceeding customer needs to managing your team better. Employee experience, tech adoption, agent productivity, mental-health focus — we’re covering all this and more. We're here to answer those questions that have been playing on your mind so you can bring a whole new strategy to your customer service game!

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Raise the CX Bar — Insights to take your customers from happy to happier

Get the inside scoop on the latest industry trends and insights in this benchmarking series — a Sprinklr initiative that’s centered on digital transformation. Our vantage point lets us see how multiple organizations work on their CX. And that’s exactly how we’re able to bring you informed insights that’ll help you evaluate your digital CX initiatives and better engage with your audience.

What’s this all about? Well, you can guess, compare and discover crucial stats, like a predicted CSAT score, the average time for the first response, response rate and more while exploring top CX metrics and KPIs as well! Reports in this section will focus on specific industries and give you a comprehensive comparison of the top brands and their position in the CX game. Our only ask is that you don't miss out on staying up-to-date with the latest customer service trends and best practices so you get that added edge.

CX Simplified — Resources to fast-track your CX career growth

We're excited to offer you a knowledge base that's all about improving your day-to-day work life! We've got everything you need, from practical tips and insightful videos to detailed e-books. We understand the value of growth and learning, and we're committed to supporting you every step of the way. So, dive in, explore and see how it helps you thrive at work!

CX-Wise, by design, keeps you informed and up-to-date with the latest trends and insights from the CX industry while helping you stay sharp and knowledgeable. And with new posts being published each month, you'll never miss a beat! Another thing that’s real nifty is our newsletter will notify you when new content is published, so you can always be in the loop.

An editorial series to raise the bar for customer service & beyond!

But bear in mind that CX-Wise isn't just a platform for learning — it's a community that fosters innovation and collaboration among customer service professionals.

So, what are you waiting for? Whether you're an agent or a CX leader or just someone who wants to make their customers happier, CX-Wise has a nugget of wisdom for you, if not the entire mine.

Join our community today and take your customer service skills and your business to the edge of a new frontier. Just head on over to sprinklr.com/cx-wise, subscribe to the CX-Wise podcast and then let's guide this rocketship, together, into the future of customer care.

Let’s get CX Wiser!

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