Omnichannel Customer Experience

With customer expectations at an all-time high, learn how brands can delight customers by delivering omnichannel experiences.

Naveen Mahadevan
November 30, 2021
2 min read

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What is an omnichannel customer experience?

Omnichannel customer experience is a cross-channel customer-centric approach that enriches the customer’s experience with your brand. It’s not a secret that customers base their purchases on more than just product and price — customer experience has overtaken them both. Customers expect immediate and personalized service on their preferred digital channels, such as social, live chat, chatbots, and messaging apps. To deliver on this expectation, brands need to optimize every interaction across the customer journey to deliver a delightful customer experience.

What are the benefits of an omnichannel customer experience?

Adopting an omnichannel strategy can drive significant benefits for your brand, including:

  • Better customer engagement: with an omnichannel customer service strategy, you can meet customers 24x7 on their preferred channel. This maximizes your chances of reaching a broad and diverse audience through contextual content.

  • Improved customer loyalty: every single interaction matters and the level of personalization and consistency you are able to provide across channels and devices increases customer satisfaction, resulting in repeat business and happier customers.

  • Actionable insights: you can be on top of customer concerns through a holistic view of your customers’ social activities, chats, emails, community discussions, survey results, case history, and CRM data, and provide rich data to your sales and marketing teams to deliver high-performing campaigns.

Why is an omnichannel customer experience important?

With the proliferation of digital communication channels, it has become important for brands to offer a consistent customer experience. Research indicates brands that provide a consistent experience across multiple touchpoints have a customer retention rate of 89%. On the other hand, brands without an omnichannel strategy manage to retain only a third of their customers. Brands that go above and beyond to create an omnichannel customer experience will not only be able to ensure customer satisfaction, but drive sales and revenue as well.

Learn more: How AI-Powered Insights Can Boost Your Omni-Channel CX Strategy

Key elements of an omnichannel customer experience

Any business that sets out to provide an omnichannel experience for its customers must focus on these key elements:

  • Personalization: no two human beings are the same. Ensure you understand your customers’ needs and preferences so you can provide a seamless experience to them.

  • Accessibility: in addition to your most popular customer communication channels, work on increasing and personalizing customer touchpoints on additional channels such as social media and self-service portals.

  • Simplicity and flexibility: ensure the customer journey is straightforward but also flexible, so when a customer has to switch channels they don’t need to repeat themselves.

Transforming Your Omni-Channel Marketing Strategy

Create an omnichannel customer experience with Sprinklr

The first step in delivering an omnichannel customer experience is to eliminate data silos. Sprinklr does this by unifying customer experience data from 30+ messaging, live chat, social, and app channels on a single platform.

Sprinklr’s industry-leading AI models transform this raw data into actionable insights for your brand — analyzing it to make 10 billion AI predictions every day, handling over 15 million monthly customer cases, and managing over 2 billion profiles across all digital channels.

As the world's only unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform, Sprinklr empowers you to track every action across all channels, adjust workflows as needed, and define user roles with adjustable views and permissions. Sprinklr’s Unified-CXM platform gives you granular visibility and control over the quality of your customer engagement across all channels.

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