Announcing Sprinklr Audience Studies, Powered by LinkedIn Audience Engagement API

Jim Tomanchek

August 13, 20192 min read

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With record levels of engagement in the news feed and content shared across the platform, LinkedIn presents a unique opportunity for marketers to reach and engage premium professional audiences. Despite the massive opportunity that LinkedIn offers, many marketers struggle to identify which audiences they should be targeting and with what content.

Today, Sprinklr is excited to help brands solve this challenge with Sprinklr Audience Studies. Sprinklr Audience Studies is a new capability within Sprinklr Marketing, powered by LinkedIn’s Audience Engagement API. It surfaces deep insights into the thousands of member interactions on LinkedIn every minute.

Sprinklr Audience Studies provides real-time insights into how audiences are engaging with content and brands on LinkedIn. Marketers can now use these audience insights to increase the reach and effectiveness of their content, leading to improved ROI for LinkedIn advertising campaigns.

Sprinklr Audience Studies drives actionable insights across a network of more than 645M professionals through:

Table of Contents

Content Insights

Understand the types of content your target audience is most engaged with and leverage these insights to build more effective Sponsored Content campaigns.

  • Trending topic discovery: Identify the topics that have driven highest levels of engagement with your target audience over the past 30 days and promote content focused on these topics.

  • Interest analysis: Understand the broader interests of your target audience to inform the topics you can use to improve your content.

Audience Insights

Identify the audience segments that are engaging with your content and uncover audience targeting opportunities for your LinkedIn marketing and advertising campaigns.

  • Professional targeting discovery: Understand the professional profile of members currently engaging with your brand or product to inform who you should be targeting in your campaigns.

  • Interest targeting discovery: Identify new audiences to target based on their interest in the topics that are most important to your brand.

Brand Insights

Analyze audience engagement with your brand vs. your industry peers and identify white space targeting and content marketing opportunities for your campaigns.

  • Targeting gap analysis: Understand the audiences that are highly engaged with your industry peers and target them in your campaigns.

  • Content gap analysis: Identify the most common content themes used by your industry peers to identify new content marketing opportunities.

  • Brand management: Understand key emerging stories and topics relevant to your brand or industry to inform your content marketing strategy.

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Why Is This Important For Your Brand?

To recap – Sprinklr Audiences is crucial for your brand because now your LinkedIn advertising campaigns can be more effective and efficient with deep insights into your LinkedIn target audience.

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