Vidhya Krishnan

Freelancer, Contributor

An engineer turned journalist, Vidhya worked as a full time desk editor initially at the New Indian Express. Realising the reduced scope to express herself via writing, she slowly moved to other projects until she landed a content writing role at Zoho. With her experience in writing for the Zoho products and leading the social media channels, she gained substantial expertise in understanding the B2B market. She may be a content marketer by profession but she wishes to remain a storyteller at heart always.

What is Contact Center Technology [Types + Trends]
Customer Service

What is Contact Center Technology [Types + Trends]

Learn all about contact center technology, including its definition, benefits, and examples, along with pro tips. Explore the top trends shaping 2024 and beyond.

Jayadeep Subhashis, Vidhya Krishnan
June 19, 2024