Close the Experience Gap - How Sprinklr can help US Federal agencies enhance Citizen & Employee Experience

Rudy Seber

June 14, 20244 min read

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The US job market remains hot, having added 272,000 positions in May, 2024. While worthy of celebration, US Federal agencies should take note that this will make it even more difficult to meet the recent FY25 US Office of Management and Budget (OMB) budgetary guidance on Strengthening and Empowering the Federal Workforce

At the June 6th, 2024, Carahsoft Government Customer Experience & Engagement Summit, our team was able to hear first-hand the challenges the federal government faces that result in a fragmented customer experience for citizens engaging with the government.  Siloed technology solutions make it difficult for the government to get real-time sentiment and feedback from citizens and, as a result, it is extremely time consuming and frustrating for public servants, service members, and contractors to provide exceptional customer service like we experience in many other aspects of our lives.   

Human Resource (HR) and Stakeholder (Citizen + Employee) Experience (SX) teams should be focusing on how to better: 

  1. Understand and Improve Existing Experiences  

  2. Drive the Right Talent to their Agency 

  3. Advocate through existing Employees 

To know how we have helped your peers accomplish these through our FEDRAMP platform, book a demo today. We can also discuss it with our team in person at the AWS Summit Washington, DC June 26-27, 2024!
Sprinklr helps your agency retain and discover untapped talent 

Table of Contents

1. Understand and Improve Existing Experiences 

How critical is it for your team to have real-time insights about your agency’s perception across all media channels, including niche and emerging platforms?  

Surveys and web forms only go so far, as they often fail to capture the true customer expressions that are posted in unstructured data like social media, reviews, and direct interactions.  Sprinklr’s unified platform has the capability to allow you to tap into citizen and employee conversations across 30+ digital channels, including First Party Data Ingestion (i.e. Surveys, CRM, etc.) with Sprinklr Listening + Benchmarking.  These insights can be used to optimize content and marketing strategies to meet your customers on their preferred channels and increase your share of voice.  Breaking down siloes to action upon the AI led insights to inform your internal teams on what areas need improvements (and which success to be amplified).   

2. Drive the Right Talent to their Agency

Agencies are plagued with the inability to engage 1:1 with candidates and are often doing so in a saturated environment. Sprinklr helps agencies find untapped talent and allows you to connect to them in conversations happening across multiple channels into a single view to ensure effortless responses, agent efficiency, and accuracy for US Federal recruiting teams.   Sprinklr’s ability to identify those candidates with the “right stuff” who may not be considering roles at your agency (or the federal government at large) can be targeted and engaged with on a mass 1:1 level giving you a competitive edge and shortening your overall time to fill those highly competitive roles.  Think Cybersecurity talent who likely are considering jobs for Palo Alto Networks, Cloudflare, Crowdstrike, etc. may not know to look at the amazing cybersecurity jobs within your agency.  

3. Advocate Through Existing Employees

Candidates will trust what your employees say more than what your brand messages. Leverage your greatest asset, your hardworking public servants and dedicated service members to advocate on your behalf. Utilizing their existing networks, Sprinklr makes it easy for your employees to amplify your brand, improve awareness, generate leads and attract high quality talent — all while ensuring 100% compliance.  But don’t just take our word for it, here is what one of your peers in recruiting has stated: 

“I've had great success with both positions of mine that were shared through Sprinklr. The Lead Business Systems Analyst role went from 1-2 interview requests to a rapid increase of 3-5 interviews once shared on Sprinklr, and the quality of applicants dramatically increased. We had 4 candidates at the interview stage and at least 10 strong candidates still in the pipeline before the req went on hold. If I had this level of applicant flow from the beginning, it would never have become an aged requisition. When I compare the applicant flow for the 2 positions shared in Sprinklr with others of comparable difficulty to fill – they’re notably higher in applicant volume. Simply put: the Brand Ambassador Program is helping to increase visibility.” – Global Technology Recruiter  

To learn more about how Sprinklr can empower your organization, reach out today for a free demo.  

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