How GenAI can help you repurpose and reutilize content across channels and markets

Karishma Borkakoty

January 19, 20249 min read

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When generative AI first debuted on the scene of content creation and reutilization, it caused quite a stir. There was a lot of chatter about AI tools snatching jobs from writers and editors. Everyone was on edge.  

Cut to today, things have changed quite a bit. Instead of eyeing ChatGPT as the job-grabbing boogeyman, marketers are starting to see it more as an ally. It lends a helping hand to brands and marketing teams, enabling them to scale up and continuously produce fresh content quickly. Imagine the relief and possibilities it brings — no more burnouts from attempting to meet insurmountable content demands, no more compromises on creativity. It's all about AI and humans working in tandem to make things happen. 

And that’s exactly what Sprinklr's Sylvain Melquiond and Joe Charnitski have tried conveying in the power session 6 of Socialverse

They chat about the impact of Gen AI on content reutilization. No fluff, just straight talk about how AI is mixing things up in the content world, not as a replacement but as a teammate. 

So, let’s break down how generative AI is making content reutilization not just a dream, but a doable and effortless reality.  

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Repurposing content using AI

When Sylvain quizzed about repurposing content using AI, Joe spilled all the beans. He painted a vivid picture of global corporations grappling with the pressing challenge of generating and managing an unending stream of content. “Consider some of the world’s most massive companies. Swiftly identifying and repurposing content has been a significant endeavor for many,” Joe pointed out. AI is stepping in as the perfect ally, accelerating the content creation process and ensuring smooth and rapid content repurposing across various channels. 

 According to Joe, generative AI is revolutionizing the way we approach content. It utilizes vast data sets to understand audience preferences based on geography and sector. Then, using advanced algorithms, it can generate or modify content to cater specifically to these preferences. This not only ensures content is varied but also tailor-made for audiences across different regions and industries. In short, it's catching audience vibes by dynamically tweaking content, ensuring everyone feels seen and heard. 

 AI's ability to analyze vast amounts of data quickly means it can identify content gaps or areas in your business that haven't been addressed or marketed as effectively. As Joe shared, “There might even be parts of your business that get neglected from a content strategy perspective because you never get around to it. The priority parts of the business always take up all your time.” However, with AI's analytical capabilities, these previously overlooked areas can be highlighted. This allows for the development of targeted content that not only caters to niche audiences but also broadens the organization's reach and impact. 

A word of caution: Navigating the noise

Every coin has two sides. Joe’s candid about the potential surge in content noise despite AI’s streamlined operations. He reminds us that this new shift is going to add to the noise and bring the challenge of overwhelming information. “Now one of the cautions we want to kind of put out there before everyone gets too excited is that AI has the potential to create more noise," he added. And it’s something we all know, right? 

With so many channels and brands vying for attention, it's already a challenge to stand out from the rest. It means brands need to think even harder about making a real difference.  

Joe further emphasizes the importance of focusing on differentiation, personalization and relevance. It's about making sure your brand content breaks through the clutter and engages your audience without overwhelming them. As Joe put it, “Cutting through the noise is going to take some real effort, but with a sharp focus on what matters to people, it’s totally doable.”  

Additionally, brands should focus on localization and keep their content and social media strategies local and relevant. “With a thoughtful approach and a focus on what really matters to people, navigating this new wave of noise is not just a challenge but also an opportunity to truly connect,” Joe explained. 

Enhanced collaboration and boosted efficiency 

Peeling another layer of generative AI, Joe gives us a heads-up about some significant changes on the horizon. He’s picturing teams getting along really well, being all on the same page and genuinely mastering the use of AI to make everyone's work easy. In his view, GenAI is about to substantially enhance efficiency, speed and team collaboration.  

Considering this substantial shift in how things will unfold with GenAI, Joe poses another question for all the brands out there: what’s the plan for all that extra time that GenAI is freeing up by speeding things along? 

Well, according to Joe, now’s the time to double down on strategy and dive into deep research. It’s all about focusing on the real faces behind the social handles. What’s happening in their world when they’re not busy scrolling or keeping an eye on the competition? What’s on their conversation list? This type of comprehensive information can guide content creation, allowing teams to tweak campaigns and make innovative, on-the-fly changes. 

Joe is also keen on enhancing collaboration with customer-facing teams using AI. In his words, “AI is really going to knock down some doors and realize that we need to bridge these customer-facing teams in ways that speed up making customers happier. It’s more than just everyone doing their bit. It’s about breaking those walls and understanding that when we’re all in it together, amped up by Gen AI, nothing’s stopping us from sending customer satisfaction through the roof.” 

In this changing scene, AI literacy is a must-have. Joe highlights the significance not just for internal teams but also for tech partners who’ve been riding the AI wave for a good while now. “They really got to lean in on collaboration now because there will be some rich opportunities to streamline work between teams that have only been hoped for before,” added Joe.  

Ensuring teams are AI-literate, aligning AI strategies with the organization and enhancing customer satisfaction should top the list for every brand. And for Joe, GenAI isn’t just a tool but a partner in the extensive world of content creation and planning. 

The journey of generative AI is a relay, not a sprint 

Now, addressing the ever-important conversation about speed in this generative AI integration journey, Joe breaks it down with an analogy to make it more relatable.  

It’s not about rapid isolated efforts, akin to sprints or marathons. Instead, it's about passing the baton in a relay race. Highlighting those perfect baton passes, he indicates that a slip in the handoff could mean unnecessarily losing invaluable time, offering a potential advantage to competitors.  

Joe emphasizes the need for strengthening collaboration systems to make them more efficient and seamless. This organized and integrated teamwork is crucial to leverage the full potential of GenAI, ensuring the pace of progress doesn’t falter so that brands can harness GenAI's capabilities to boost customer satisfaction. 

By dialing up collaboration, brands also need to make sure they’re not just tagging along but actually leading the charge, making the most of what GenAI’s got to offer to stay in the lead.  

Steering steadily through the AI wave 

Sensing that there’s a lot of change management that will come with generative AI, Sylvain was curious about navigating these shifts. He wanted to know how brands should navigate that and how Sprinklr helps in this endeavor? 

Joe shared some critical insights into Sprinklr's deep and longstanding relationship with AI. “Well, for sure. Sprinklr is one of those companies that has been AI-first for a long time. This experience is not Sprinklr’s first encounter in the AI world. The company has been crunching data, delivering quick solutions and enhancing content workflows to boost customer service for a long time”, Joe shared.   

According to Joe, it's this seasoned journey that makes Sprinklr’s march toward integrating generative AI feel like a natural progression, not a leap into the unknown. But this new GenAI layer promises substantial improvements by making current operations smoother and more efficient. 

But it's not just about internal developments. 

In the vast world of marketing and social media, the demand for high-quality, reusable content is immense. That's where Sprinklr AI+ enters as a helpful ally. It understands the intricate world of content reutilization and helps simplify it.  

Additionally, it is designed to combat the steep expenses tied to content creation. With generative AI capabilities powered by an enterprise API integration with OpenAI, Sprinklr AI+ is here to simplify content adaptation and reuse within a secure and compliant framework. Furthermore, it offers a quick method for content localization and adaptation, enabling users to easily adjust the tone, length or language of a post. These modifications to the content remain securely within the user's Sprinklr environment, ensuring data security. In addition to localization, the platform facilitates the effortless creation of content variations. This feature enables brands to efficiently repurpose posts for different channels and audiences. 

Moreover, Sprinklr AI+ employs large language models to swiftly and effectively form chatbots. These bots are trained on specific datasets to ensure the accuracy and relevance of their responses. The platform presents a comprehensive solution, assisting in efficient and effective content navigation and utilization. It guarantees the production of high-quality, relevant content without diluting security standards. 


GenAI is making a significant impact on content creation and repurposing. It's smoothly blending into existing systems, not only making processes faster but also enhancing efficiency and specificity for diverse audiences. As it continues to evolve, it promises even more streamlined operations and innovative solutions ensuring that content remains fresh, relevant and easily accessible, benefiting both creators and consumers alike. 


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