How Often to Post on Social Media to Increase Your Brand Reach

Aishwarya Suresh

February 12, 20249 min read

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Picture this: You're scrolling through Instagram, and you stumble upon a brand that’s got you hooked. Its posts and little stories are timely and keep you wanting for more. You eagerly wait for the brand’s updates, and as a customer, they make you happy. One week turns into another, and the consistent flow of content kept painting a smile on your face. 

Then, out of the blue, the posts begin to dwindle. The vibrant storytelling becomes sporadic. And you feel a sudden disconnect. What happened to the once-bright highlight in your feed? It's like a friend stopped calling. 

Soon enough, as the posts dropped, so did the engagement. The lively community began to fade. And you wonder, “Did they forget about us?” And the brand, unaware of the impact of this silence, begins losing followers by the dozen. 

This scenario isn’t just a random Instagram tale — it's a common pitfall in the digital landscape. Many businesses hit a roadblock when it comes to posting on social media. The inconsistency becomes a silent wedge between brands and their customers. Have you, as part of a brand, ever felt this way?

Have you found yourself at a crossroad where you’re unsure of how and when to post to keep the connection alive? If so, you’re not alone. 

So, let’s dive right into the heart of this dilemma. And let’s unravel the mystery behind social media posting schedules, explore their significance and equip you with the tools to steer clear of the follower drop-off cliff.   

How often should you post on social media platforms? 

Time to tackle the burning question: How often should you really hit that “post” button on social media? 

Here’s a quick summary of how often to post on each platform, but read on for more details: 

  • Instagram: Post 1-2 posts a day

  • Facebook: Post about once a day

  • LinkedIn: Post between 3 to 5 times per week

  • X: Post between 2 to 5 times a day

  • TikTok: Post about 1 to 4 times a day

Now, let’s break down the details platform by platform and roll into the ins and outs of social media posting frequencies! 

How often to post on Instagram? 

When it comes to Instagram, it's all about quality taking the lead in your posts. The industry average suggests 1-2 posts a day, given its 2.4 billion monthly active users. For a nuanced approach, experts suggest 3-5 posts weekly — mixing it up with carousels, reels, static posts and stories. 

Why does this matter? Posting regularly isn’t just about engagement — it's your ticket to the Explore feed, features on other accounts and top search results. The most active brands post 17 stories per month, and the average American user spends a substantial 30.1 minutes a day on the platform.  

Consider Nike's Instagram strategy. It doesn’t flood your feed every hour, but when it posts, it's impactful. Be it showcasing new releases, athlete stories or empowering messages, its consistency and top-notch visuals contribute to greater engagement and brand loyalty. 

Nike-s Instagram page

Source: Nike (Instagram) 

💡Posting Tip: Share captivating visuals with high-quality images and videos. Use Instagram Stories for behind-the-scenes content and temporary promotions, while maintaining a consistent aesthetic through themes or color palettes. Consider experimenting with carousel posts for interactive storytelling. 

How often to post on Facebook? 

While navigating Facebook, timing is key. Aim for about once a day, focusing on value-packed posts.  

Since it has over 3 billion monthly active users, you need to be strategic with your posting schedule to capture the right crowd. The average user spends about 35 minutes per day on Facebook. So, posting about once or twice a day isn't just a frequency strategy — it's a way to tap into the vast landscape of possibilities that Facebook offers. 

Take BuzzFeed for example. It dominates Facebook by posting daily and on a regular basis, which feature a diverse mix of articles, quizzes, videos, listicles and interactive polls. This strategy makes the brand a content powerhouse that can reach millions of users with its highly engaging and varied posts.  

Buzzfeed-s Facebook page

Source: Buzzfeed (Facebook) 

💡Posting Tip: Boost engagement with questions, polls and Facebook Groups. Use eye-catching visuals, like carousels, to tell compelling stories effortlessly. 

How often to post on LinkedIn? 

Trying to crack the LinkedIn code? Keep it simple! According to LinkedIn experts and industry averages, the optimal posting frequency falls between 3-5 times a week. Weekdays, especially mornings, are your LinkedIn golden hours. 

With over 1 billion members globally, LinkedIn is a hub for professional networking and thought leadership. Striking a balance between consistent visibility and quality content is key. 

Industry stats show the average posting frequency is once per day, which is aligned with the recent algorithm change that favors quality over quantity. LinkedIn itself suggests daily posts, even on weekends. The key is to engage effectively, making each post count for a lasting presence in your connections' feeds. 

Take a cue from Adobe's LinkedIn strategy. The brand isn’t bombarding feeds daily, but when it does, it hits bullseye – whether it’s unveiling a creative tool, sharing inspiring success stories or giving a behind-the-scenes look. This consistent and quality-centric approach has contributed to Adobe’s LinkedIn dominance and industry authority. 

Adobe-s LinkedIn page

Source: Adobe (LinkedIn) 

💡Posting Tip: Share insightful content, engage in industry groups and maintain a polished LinkedIn presence with up-to-date information. Highlight achievements, milestones and employee spotlights for a professional brand image.  

How often to post on X? 

X isn't about flooding timelines — it's about mastering your posting rhythm. Enter the sweet spot: 2-5 posts a day. Maintaining this tempo will ensure that you ride the waves of trending conversations. Home to 528.3 million monthly active users worldwide, X thrives on real-time interactions. In the X universe, daily active engagement is the norm. 

Considering that X posts typically engage users for about 18 minutes before fading into social media obscurity, hitting the 2-5 post mark on a daily basis makes sure that your published efforts don’t get lost in the feed.  

Follow the rule of thirds, where a third of your posts should, respectively: 

  • Promote your business  

  • Share thought-leadership insights 

  • Involve follower interaction 

Now, check out Wendy's X game. It doesn’t bombard users with a barrage of posts, but when it drops one, you can bet that it’ll be a flavor-packed punch. Whether it’s a witty comeback, engaging poll or a trending meme, Wendy's keeps it fresh and sizzling.  

Wendy-s X page

Source: Wendy’s (X) 

💡Posting Tip: Keep posts concise, engaging and in line with your brand. Use strategic hashtags, post consistently, and schedule posts during peak hours for optimal visibility on X.   

How often to post on TikTok? 

When it comes to conquering the TikTok realm, the sweet spot for business posts falls between 1-4 times a day. TikTok is a whirlwind of trends, challenges and creativity, which demands a consistent presence to ride the waves of viral sensations. With over 1.1 billion monthly active users, TikTok outshines Instagram among GenZers. It leads the pack in consumer spending, which solidifies its position as a top social app. 

Industry insights suggest that posting at least once a day strikes the right chord, as it keeps your content fresh without overwhelming your audience. However, for those eager to ride the viral rollercoaster, pushing it to 2-3 times a day could amplify your chances of hitting the coveted "For You" page. Many users find an optimal balance by sharing 3 quality videos daily.  

Just ask Chipotle, they have mastered the art of blending humor and trends into their TikTok strategy, and they also maintain a consistent posting frequency — posting at least 3 times a week.  

Chipotle-s TikTok strategy


💡Posting Tip: Explore trends like #LearnOnTikTok, try unique video ideas, and keep it real and unfiltered. Use TikTok's editor for natural and engaging content. 

Social media posting strategy 101

Now that we've set the stage, let’s dive into the nuts and bolts of an effective social media posting strategy. It’s not just about posting — it's about creating a plan that works across different platforms. 

The truth is there's no one-size-fits-all formula. What works for one brand might not work for another. 

So, instead of searching for magical cookie cutters, let's focus on these proven posting strategies: 

Know your audience 

Audience segmentation: Break down your audience into segments based on interests, demographics and behaviors. 

Audience analysis: Utilize analytics tools to understand what content resonates most with your audience. 

Interesting Read: Social media analytics tracking: How it’s done 

Consistency is key 

Set a posting schedule: Determine the optimal posting times for each platform based on when your audience is most active. 

Content calendar: Plan your content in advance, ensuring a steady stream of posts that align with your brand message and goals. 

While it's important to consider your audience and industry standards, don't feel bound by strict posting rules. Strive for a balance between what feels right for you and aligning with insights and audience behaviors.  

Quality over quantity 

Content relevance: Ensure each post is relevant and provides value to your audience. 

Visual appeal: Invest in high-quality visuals to make your content stand out in crowded feeds. 

Give your social media a good check-up! Make sure your posts talk the talk your audience understands. Keep it meaningful and timely. Social media algorithms take to quality in content creation. So, when you post apt content, these algorithms will make sure your content shines. 

Content mix 

Diversify content types: Explore a mix of content formats, including images, videos, infographics and text-based posts. 

Themes and campaigns: Plan thematic content campaigns to keep your strategy dynamic. 

Final thoughts 

Posting is an art and not a race. Quality over quantity is your anthem, and your audience's rhythm is your guide. Remember, the best schedule is one that syncs with your brand's beat and your audience's groove. In the words of the social maestro Jay Baer: "The best social media publishing frequency is when it's worthwhile."  

Keep it real, engaging and consistent — that’s the real magic frequency. And hey, for a smoother ride in all things social media, give Sprinklr a spin.

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