How Sandra Vollrath helps clients transform their marketing functions into strategic business and revenue operations

Sandra Vollrath

September 4, 20233 min read

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Sandra Vollrath is director of strategy at IMG: Intermedia Global Ltd., a U.K. based consultancy that focuses on B2B marketing optimization and transformation for organizations with large marketing departments. 

With a background in marketing operations, consulting and B2B marketing, Vollrath helps IMG clients to optimize and transform their marketing functions into strategic business and revenue operations.  
“By doing this, our clients save money and get more work done faster and better,” Vollrath explains. “They make fewer mistakes and have happier and more productive teams. This helps them generate more revenue and grow their business’ market share.” 

We spoke with Vollrath to learn more about her work and IMG’s partnership with Sprinklr.

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What are the key benefits or advantages of working with Sprinklr?   

We talk to our clients a lot about CX (customer experience) and their CX maturity. When we started talking to Sprinklr about a potential partnership, we were drawn to the possibility of helping our clients with a state-of-the-art, yet easy to manage solution that would allow them to advance their CX maturity. In addition to the platform itself, we love the support and enthusiasm from everyone at Sprinklr.  

What specific features or aspects of Sprinklr has impressed you the most?  

Everything a B2B business does these days has to build trust and provide a beyond- exceptional customer experience — something we B2B-ers are learning from B2C. Standard service is no longer good enough to stand out. To be able to deliver on trust and CX, insight into the customer journey is only a first step. And to go further, you need Sprinklr. What impressed us the most in this context is Sprinklr’s ability to cut through quintillions of bytes of unstructured data to make sense of a customer’s world.  

What is the overall value you have experienced collaborating with Sprinklr?  

The opportunity for our clients to get a platform that helps them understand their customers intimately and provide the best customer experience possible — and for ourselves to partner with the software vendor that’s at the forefront of AI-powered customer experience management. How exciting! 

What sets Sprinklr apart from other solutions you have tried or considered?  

Two things: On the product side, the opportunity to truly see the whole customer and begin to understand the nuances of each customer’s journey. On the partnership side, we feel extremely supported and embraced, and we love the structured approach Sprinklr has to its sales pitch, to training, onboarding, etc.  

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