Introducing Sprinklr Sandbox

Sprinklr Team

July 31, 20204 min read

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Sprinklr’s customer experience management (CXM) platform has quickly established itself as a critical system for modern organizations like yours. You have told us that delivering a smooth customer experience impacts loyalty, acquisition, revenue, and your bottom line.

We know your organization relies on Sprinklr to deliver real-time engagement and personalized interactions. We realize you also need to be able to manage change and innovation to Sprinklr as your business needs evolve — without interrupting your customer experience.

How you go about managing changing environments is just as crucial as the change itself. This has made application lifecycle management (ALM) — best practices for change management across a technology platform — the talk of the (virtual) town for our customers.

Organizations like yours are relying on Sprinklr more than ever as their unified front office; enabling remote teams to deliver timely, cohesive interactions with customers across modern and traditional channels. Recognizing that Sprinklr has quickly become a critical system for our customers, we prioritized the development of solutions to support your application lifecycle management, to keep your business agile with far less risk.

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The Challenges of Managing Change Without Disruptions

When a solution, like the Sprinklr platform, becomes a critical system to your everyday operations, the risk of updating features, training users, or introducing integrations without testing increases.

Knowing that 32% of customers will walk away from a brand they love after a single bad experience, organizations are feeling the pressure to avoid any downtime or missed opportunities to deliver on customer experience.

Application lifecycle management processes become crucial to keep your critical system running smoothly, while enabling your business to evolve.

Many brands now have internal policies that prevent IT from making changes to a live environment without first working within a test environment. Training new hires becomes tricky, as allowing employees to practice within the live system means that one user error could be costly to your customer experience.

Simply put, you cannot afford a disruption.

We recognize the need for a test environment where teams can manage changes, practice with precision, and create without consequences. We are proud and delighted to officially announce Sprinklr Sandbox.

Introducing Sprinklr Sandbox

Sprinklr Sandbox gives you a separate test environment that acts as a near carbon copy of your live production setup, allowing you to configure features, test out new integrations, and train and onboard new teammates or agencies in a safe, low-risk environment.

Your business teams can experiment, learn, and practice within Sprinklr Sandbox — without touching the live production environment until you’re ready.

Sprinklr Sandbox allows you to push changes straight to your live production environment, and vice versa. If a bug appears in the live environment, you can push the live setup to your sandbox, so IT can troubleshoot and test fixes in an isolated environment. The Sandbox allows you to undo recent updates you’ve made while working, and even capture version history to track changes.

Sprinklr Sandbox is available for all of our customers to purchase, whether you use just one or all five of Sprinklr’s primary products.

Use Sprinklr Sandbox to Protect Your Bottom Line

With modern customers flocking to social media to send 90 billion messages per day, and expecting fast responses, leading organizations rely on Sprinklr to support their real-time customer experiences.

We know that interruptions — whether caused by user errors, code updates, or new integrations — can have wide-reaching effects on your bottom line, from a sub-par customer experience to a loss in revenue.

Sprinklr Sandbox is your engine for application lifecycle management, allowing your teams to continue evolving your modern front office without risking your customer experience.

Contact your Sprinklr account team today to schedule a demo and learn more about Sprinklr Sandbox.

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