Greater transparency, security & privacy with our new Trust Center

Lauren Christopherson

December 8, 20223 min read

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Every day, we hear grave accounts of brands suffering financial and reputational damage due to security and privacy failures and abuses. These security slips highlight the sophistication of attacks and ask what customer experience management companies like Sprinklr can do to protect customer data.

To safeguard various information assets and reinforce the security and privacy of customers’ data, we at Sprinklr take a robust and vigilant approach to nip security threats and vulnerabilities in the bud.

For this reason, we’re excited to unveil our new Security & Privacy Trust Center: a place where our customers get insight into the security, privacy, and compliance within Sprinklr.

Today, what we have is a completely revamped public-facing resource center that provides information on Sprinklr’s security and data privacy programs, including security assessments, compliance documents, and self-serve resources for our customers.

Table of Contents

Why the Trust Center?

As a fast-growing global company, it is our relentless commitment to airtight privacy and security measures and meet, as well as exceed, our customers’ expectations. We have always been transparent about everything we do and have established clear communication about security and privacy with our stakeholders.

Not just that, we want our customers to have all the information on Sprinklr’s security and data privacy procedures and compliance standards at their fingertips. And that’s why we launched our Security & Privacy Trust Center.

Our Trust Center includes an additional Trust Portal designed to be a one-stop destination for accessing in-depth information about security, privacy, compliance, privacy policies, assessments, updates, and practices across all offerings.

Looking for our most recent compliance reports? Want to understand our core security measures for tackling advanced threats? Want to know more about the certifications we hold? Find all your answers at the Sprinklr Trust Center.

Whether you are a Sprinklr customer or in the process of evaluating our solution, this is an ideal place for you to find all the relevant information on security, privacy, risk, and compliance within Sprinklr.

What information can you get on our Trust Center?

Toggle between security and data privacy options depending on your interests. In the security section, you will learn about the product security features we support, our security program, the security certifications we hold, and frequently asked questions.

In the data privacy section, you will learn about our compliance with the various privacy laws and data protection principles, frequently asked questions, and links to Sprinklr’s privacy policy, subprocessor list, and Data Protection Addendum.

Visit the Sprinklr Trust Center for the latest information in the following key categories:

Sprinklr Platform Security

  • Secure Development Lifecycle Process

  • Detection & Response

  • Infrastructure Security

  • Network Security

  • Security Awareness & Training

  • Vulnerability Disclosure Program

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Product Security Features

  • Role-based Access Permissions

  • Access Control

  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

  • Single Sign-On (SSO)

  • IP Restriction

  • PCI-Compliant Features

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Group 6615

Security Governance

  • Security Certifications & Third-party assessments 

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Sec Givernance - 01

Sprinklr’s Data Protection Principles

  • Proportionality and Accountability

  • Contractual Commitments

  • Privacy Training

  • Data Transfer Mechanisms

  • Data Subject Rights

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Group 6614

Privacy resources 

  • Data Privacy FAQs

  • Privacy policies

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Take a tour of our new Security & Privacy Trust Center and be sure to visit the Trust Portal where you can subscribe for updates.

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