How to optimize social media content with generative AI the right way

Despina Singh

December 12, 20238 min read

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If you think of your social media content journey as a bustling office — generative AI can be considered your new team member. Now while introducing a new employee to a team, there could be a learning curve and potential challenges related to integration, training, adaptation and change management.  
Sylvain Melquiond, a solutions consultant, and Joe Charnitski, the director of communications, both of whom work at Sprinklr, recently had a freewheeling chat about those challenges at Socialverse

Let's revisit some of the discussion points around how GenAI can optimize your social media content and help you better connect with your audience.  

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Embrace AI for content ideation 

GenAI can kickstart your content ideation process as you provide valuable prompts and suggestions. Sylvain and Joe speak at length about this topic. Here are the key insights from the discussion:  

Embrace standard use cases: While the excitement around GenAI's possibilities is palpable, it's crucial not to overlook its standard use cases. Content ideation is a prime example of how GenAI empowers marketers by allowing keyword-based content creation and persona customization.

Create engaging content faster: Generating content quickly without compromising quality is a challenge every social media team faces on a daily basis. With GenAI, you can craft compelling social media posts rapidly. Sylvain demonstrates how you can use AI-driven prompts for copywriting, choosing the appropriate tones and targeting the right audience. 
Walking us through the Sprinklr AI+ capabilities, Sylvain added,  
“Our Sprinklr native AI will scan the post, examining image quality, tone and even grammar. Then, a human reviewer will have the ability to either approve, edit or reject the post with a comment. This is a great example of the best of both worlds, bringing the robust capabilities of the Sprinklr customer experience management platform and integrating generative AI to achieve speed without sacrificing quality.” 

Shift focus to strategic thinking: GenAI promises to revolutionize marketing by streamlining processes, thus saving time and resources. As GenAI handles mundane tasks, marketers can redirect their efforts toward strategic thinking. The result is the delivery of highly personalized and relevant content to a diverse range of customers in various situations. 

Unleash creativity: “I think widespread use of GenAI in marketing is going to unleash a wave of creativity in teams that we haven't seen yet,” Joe said. This newfound creative potential holds the promise of driving innovation in terms of content strategies. 

Speed up campaign strategy 

In the fast-paced world of social media, speed is paramount. You can use GenAI to refine your campaign strategy. Start with a well-defined campaign brief, leveraging AI's ability to provide insights, key messages and target audience suggestions. Let’s break this down.  

GenAI enhances creativity: Joe experimented with GenAI for generating questions for a panel discussion. It provided basic but valuable questions, serving as a creative starting point. As mentioned earlier, GenAI can enhance your creativity and help you with content ideation. 

Joe mentioned,  

“I plugged in the three titles of the people I was going to interview. And I asked ChatGPT, what should I ask them? And it gave me ten questions. And I'll say this about that experiment — if they just pulled me off the street and they said, we need a warm body to ask these people some questions, this would have saved my life because I would have been lost otherwise.”  

Focus on enhancements, not replacements: Instead of fearing job replacement, embrace GenAI for its potential to enhance tasks. Encourage your team to get excited about what GenAI can empower them to achieve. 

In Joe’s words,  

“Worry less about what it's going to replace, get excited more about what it's going to enhance — what we're going to be able to do with it.” 

Team collaboration: Incorporating GenAI into your social media content efforts is also about collectively navigating the challenges and opportunities presented by it — like ensuring the AI-generated content is aligned with your brand's voice and values, addressing potential ethical concerns and managing the learning curve for team members who might not be familiar with AI tools.  

You must see GenAI as an opportunity to strengthen teams and improve collaboration as it encourages cross-functional collaboration between departments such as marketing, AI development and ethics teams.  
For instance, content creators may need to work closely with AI developers to fine-tune algorithms for content generation. It can lead to improved collaboration and a more holistic approach to content creation. 

Short-term hurdles, long-term opportunities: It's high time we recognize that there will be short-term challenges to address when integrating GenAI. But at the same time, believe that embracing GenAI offers long-term opportunities for team growth and improvement.  

For example, GenAI can help streamline content creation processes, generate content more efficiently and potentially reduce costs. As earlier mentioned, it may also allow for more creativity by automating repetitive tasks, freeing up your team to focus on higher-level strategic work about shaping the future of the organization and ensuring it remains competitive and relevant. 

Adopt AI responsibly  

Joe reiterates the responsible use of GenAI. While it enhances productivity, it's crucial to have a governance layer in place. Consider factors like misinformation, compliance and ethical AI questions. 
Attention and governance are essential: Advancements with GenAI won't happen overnight; they require attention. The conversation between Joe and Sylvain underlines the importance of governance and compliance, especially in regulated industries such as finance, healthcare and legal services.  

Avoid blindly accepting AI-generated content: Maintain a human element in quality control. Blindly accepting AI-generated content without proper scrutiny can lead to misinformation, legal issues or damage to an organization's reputation. 

Ethical considerations: Joe recognizes the significance of discussions on ethical AI. He affirms the relevance of diverse teams to evaluate AI recommendations and ensure a balanced perspective. Human reviewers or content moderators can assess AI-generated content for accuracy, fairness, bias and compliance with relevant regulations. And the best part: Involving humans in the content creation and review process can help maintain a sense of accountability and responsibility for the content being generated. 

Ensure brand differentiation 

Amid concerns that GenAI may make brands sound the same, Joe highlights the value of personalized and relevant content. He suggests using GenAI as a starting point but underlines the need to infuse human insight and brand-specific details when crafting content. Make sure your content resonates uniquely with your audience. Following are some important takeaways from the conversation: 

GenAI and brand identity: GenAI has become a powerful tool for content creation but concerns about brands sounding too similar abound. Brands need to strike a balance between harnessing the technology's potential and maintaining their unique identity. 

Personalization and relevance: In this age of GenAI, personalization and relevance take center stage. Getting to know your consumers, customers and their demographics is essential. The informed use of GenAI should be guided by data-driven insights about your audience. 

Strategic thinking: Embracing generative AI frees up time for strategic, thoughtful work. You may ask, 'What should we focus on instead?' You should focus on defining their target audience and crafting messages that resonate with them. Consider the dynamic nature of your customers — their needs and situations change over time. 

Real-time engagement: Successful marketing means understanding how customers are engaging with your brand in real time. Adapt your content and messaging to align with the context of your customers' lives and current situations. 

“A customer is not the same every day of the week or throughout the year, they have different needs. They're in different situations. You've got to think about your customers in the context of how they're living their lives, how they're engaging with your company, your brand, your services, in real time,” Joe adds. 

Integration of insights and GenAI: The seamless integration of insights and research capabilities with GenAI-powered content creation is essential. This integration streamlines the content creation and campaign management process. Combining data-driven research with AI-generated content ensures that your messaging remains on target. 

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Streamline with Sprinklr AI+ 

Sprinklr's AI+ platform offers a unified solution for harnessing GenAI's potential. Here's a distilled, reader-friendly summary of the key insights from the Sylvain-Joe conversation: 

GenAI powers Sprinklr’s speed and efficiency: Sprinklr has developed industry-leading AI capabilities over many years, comprising over 2000 models customized across 100+ languages and refined against real-world use cases. 

GenAI capabilities enhance this by unifying insights, learning, research and listening within a single platform. 

The need for speed is crucial in today's fast-paced world, whether for producing relevant content, decision-making or sharper storytelling. 

Overcoming data overload: The humongous volume of content and data online can be overwhelming, potentially slowing down processes. 

Collaborative touchpoints within teams need to be well-organized to prevent bottlenecks. 

Sprinklr offers a unified platform that connects content creation, campaign delivery, insights and direct consumer engagement — ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow. 

Tactical advantages of GenAI with Sprinklr: GenAI enhances various aspects, such as brainstorming campaign ideas, creating personas and generating campaign-relevant posts. 

Features like Sprinklr AI+ empower users to schedule posts and manage campaigns seamlessly. 

These tactical applications of GenAI free up teams and make their work more exciting. 

Governance and risk management: Sprinklr AI+ provides governance capabilities to ensure content aligns with brand guidelines and meets approval processes. 

This automation reduces the risk of human error and streamlines content creation. 

An exciting opportunity: The integration of GenAI into Sprinklr represents an exciting opportunity for those seeking to leverage its potential. 

It offers a solution for both the challenges and opportunities presented by GenAI. 

Connecting the dots 

Leveraging GenAI to augment your social media marketing efforts will be the best decision you’ll ever make. You'll stay ahead of the curve by embracing AI for everything from content ideation to speeding up your campaigns and creating engaging content.  

But be judicious, i.e., use GenAI as a tool to amplify your team's creativity, not replace it.  

With Sprinklr AI+, you can achieve speed without sacrificing quality and ensure responsible AI adoption. Ready to elevate your social media game with the power of GenAI? 

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